Mechanical and plant engineering

Efficient lightweight construction, high-performance designs, optimum workability

Mechanical and plant engineering is regarded as the backbone of the German economy – and it is supported by steel

Hardly any other material is as versatile and highly specialized as steel. It can be precisely tailored to customer requirements. Whether related to special hardness or strength, degrees of purity or formability, suitability for welding or corrosion resistance, the diverse properties of steel make it indispensable for mechanical and plant engineering. Our high-quality steel products are used in many applications. These include tool steels for the manufacture of forming tools, shafts and components, die rings and housings.

Megatrend: population growth

Drinking water supply

2.1 billion people worldwide have no access to clean water. To improve this situation, we produce components such as cast steel valves for our customers to transport water in drinking water systems, and cast steel blades for pumps in seawater desalination plants.

Green Steel for mechanical and plant engineering

Low emissions
for a greener future

GMH Gruppe Grüner Stahl Origin Germany

Steel is almost completely recyclable. This alone makes it a sustainable raw material, especially for components subject to wear in mechanical and plant engineering. At the same time, our steels are becoming ever stronger and lighter, making slimmer structures possible. This is how we are helping to conserve resources, reduce energy consumption in production, and cut CO2 emissions.

We are Green Steel

What you can expect

A high level of expertise in tool steel

Our tool steels are used to produce molds for plastic injection molding and die casting machines. They are characterized by key features such as work hardness, tensile strength, machining and wear resistance, corrosion resistance, machinability and polishability – and by the outstandingly high dimensional accuracy of the workpieces produced with them.

A high level of vertical integration, all under one roof

We supply highly machined products for mechanical and plant engineering. These include customer-specific cast cylinder heads, primarily for the industrial engine sector, which are both machined and assembled. We also offer processing options such as drilling, milling, turning, grinding and polishing for many other products.

Materials development for customized solutions

In our Application and Materials Development department, we work closely with our customers to develop increasingly efficient primary materials and ready-to-install components for complex applications.

Our products

Our top products for mechanical and plant engineering

Steel bars (rolled)

Our steel bars are hot-rolled, round long products, which we manufacture to the highest quality as a pre-material for high-quality end products to ...

Bright steel

Our bright steel is hot-rolled, peeled bar steel with a smooth surface that is as pure as possible, which is manufactured for our customers in ...

Cut lengths

We also offer our hot-rolled round material in Special Bar Quality (SBQ) in cut lengths (also known as short pieces)

Closed-die forgings

We produce drop forgings with 200 years of experience - from forged blanks to ready-to-install components. Our dimensional spectrum ranges from 5 ...

Contract manufacturing

We are your first point of contact for extensive contract machining options based on our many years of experience and technological expertise.

Piston rods

We produce our piston rods in the GMH Gruppe from a single source, from the material to the ready-to-install component.

CNC compo­nents

We offer our steel as CNC-machined components. Thanks to our high-performance machinery, we are able to produce complex shapes exactly as required.

Forged stainless steel

We supply forged stainless steel weighing up to 56 tons in a wide variety of material grades.

Steel castings

We produce high-quality cast steel components for well-known customers in the oil and gas, energy, railroad, mechanical engineering and defense ...

Iron castings

We produce high-quality cast iron components for OEMs and suppliers to numerous key industries. Our range of materials includes all grey cast iron ...

Open-die forgings

Our open-die forgings are manufactured by forming high-quality steel. In this process, pre-material produced by ingot casting is precisely formed ...

Seamless rolled rings

We produce seamless rolled rings, flanges and wheel tires to the highest standards. This has made us one of the world's leading manufacturers of ...

Special profiles

We are one of the world's leading manufacturers of hot-rolled special steel profiles. Our products are manufactured to order and further processed ...

Blooms and billets

We offer raw strand products as round and square material. Our range of materials extends from quenched and tempered (QT) steels to case-hardening ...

Cast ingots

We produce ingots in large dimensions. Our range of materials extends from quenched and tempered (QT) steels to case-hardened steels ...

In use

From product to application

Our high-quality steel products are used in many applications.

Tool steel

Used as a primary material for casting molds.

Open-die forgings

Used as guide shafts, e.g. in packaging and CNC machines.

Iron castings

Used for reciprocating compressors, primarily in refrigeration technology.

Seamless rolled rings

Used in pelletizing systems for animal feed and wood pellets.

Our innovations for mechanical and plant engineering

Robust and versatile: Our steel products form the basis of high-precision, high-performance machinery.

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