Energy and raw materials

The power of steel:
versatile solutions for the energy sector and the future

Märkte Energietechnik

Our high-quality steel is vitally important for a very wide range of technologies in the energy market. The spectrum ranges from the extraction and transportation of energy sources and raw materials through to conventional and renewable energy generation

We are specialists in mechanical engineering for the energy sector. Our products are used in a wide range of applications – as critical components in gas and steam turbine engineering, in power plant generators, as Pelton wheels for hydropower plants and in many other areas. What we do not already manufacture, we develop from scratch in close consultation with our customers.

Megatrend: the energy transition

Wind power, hydropower and geothermal energy

Electricity generation from wind power, hydropower and geothermal energy is seeing rapid, worldwide growth. We supply steel products for all these areas. We produce blanks for turbine blades in hydropower plants, for example, and turbine housings for geothermal power plants. For wind power plants, we supply ingot castings and cylindrical continuous castings as the primary material for slewing rings used in planetary gearboxes.

Green Steel for the energy and raw materials market

Low emissions
for a greener future

GMH Gruppe

Steel is an indispensable material for the energy industry. Its versatility, strength and durability make it possible to reliably generate, transmit and store energy on a large scale. In the future, this will be particularly relevant for the renewable energy sector. Here, with our low-carbon steel products recycled from scrap metal, we are creating the basis for a holistic, green energy industry. Examples include green steel in the form of forged products for Pelton wheels in hydropower plants, cast steel valves for hydrogen infrastructure, and rolled rings for wind turbine gearboxes. Steel is the backbone of the global energy transition.

We are Green Steel

What you can expect

High-level innovation that produces high-tech solutions

Not only did Schmiedewerke Gröditz produce 35 forged radial plates each weighing around 25 metric tons for the ITER nuclear fusion reactor, a major global project, but they also supplied the extremely complex open-die forgings for the vacuum chamber – an example of high tech built to exceptionally demanding specifications.

Maximum strength and ductility for safety-critical applications

Many of our products must withstand immense loads. These include the retaining rings we manufacture, which withstand enormous centrifugal forces and have become a global guarantee of safety in turbo generators. Generator shafts and our components for gearboxes in wind turbines are also vital for ensuring a safe supply of energy in the future.

High-quality scrap metal for sustainable steel production

We offer optimally and safely processed recycled raw materials as well as a wide range of scrap-processing services. By applying a combination of care, expertise, experience and high-performance systems, we process steel and metal scrap, precious metals and other residual materials into valuable recycled raw materials for use in steelworks, foundries and metal smelters.

Our products

Our top products for the energy and raw materials market

Steel bars (rolled)

Our steel bars are hot-rolled, round long products, which we manufacture to the highest quality as a pre-material for high-quality end products to ...

Bright steel

Our bright steel is hot-rolled, peeled bar steel with a smooth surface that is as pure as possible, which is manufactured for our customers in ...

Closed-die forgings

We produce drop forgings with 200 years of experience - from forged blanks to ready-to-install components. Our dimensional spectrum ranges from 5 ...

Retaining rings

We have been manufacturing cap rings for turbo generators for over 100 years and are constantly developing them further. This has made us the ...

Contract manufacturing

We are your first point of contact for extensive contract machining options based on our many years of experience and technological expertise.

Mandrel bars

We are a leading manufacturer of mandrel bars, which are used as tools in the production of seamless rolled tubes.

Forged stainless steel

We supply forged stainless steel weighing up to 56 tons in a wide variety of material grades.


We supply steelworks and foundries with high-quality steel, non-ferrous and alloyed scrap, processed competently and customer-oriented. We also ...

Steel castings

We produce high-quality cast steel components for well-known customers in the oil and gas, energy, railroad, mechanical engineering and defense ...

Iron castings

We produce high-quality cast iron components for OEMs and suppliers to numerous key industries. Our range of materials includes all grey cast iron ...

Open-die forgings

Our open-die forgings are manufactured by forming high-quality steel. In this process, pre-material produced by ingot casting is precisely formed ...

Seamless rolled rings

We produce seamless rolled rings, flanges and wheel tires to the highest standards. This has made us one of the world's leading manufacturers of ...

Blooms and billets

We offer raw strand products as round and square material. Our range of materials extends from quenched and tempered (QT) steels to case-hardening ...

Cast ingots

We produce ingots in large dimensions. Our range of materials extends from quenched and tempered (QT) steels to case-hardened steels ...

In use

From product to application

Our high-quality steel products are used in many applications in the energy and raw materials market. Here are a few examples.

Cast ingots

Used for gear components in wind turbines

Mandrel bars

Used for the production of seamless rolled tubes

Open-die forgings

Used in gas and steam turbines

Seamless rolled rings

Used as a die ring for pelletizing plants for the production of animal feed and wood pellets

Our innovations for the energy and raw materials market

Sustainable steels are indispensable for power generation and building plants that efficiently extract and process raw materials.

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