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We’ve been a green steel pioneer for 30 years – and we still have big plans. Come and join us! We offer creative freedom, encourage teamwork, and guarantee that we’ll offer you a job once you finish your training. Together, we’re paving the way to a better world.

Our #GreenSteelPioneers

Portrait | GMH Karriere | GreenSteelPioneers

Janina Wehlage

apprentice industrial mechanic

Learns how to repair and control systems / On the way to becoming a practical doer


„Cohesion creates strength for new things.“

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“I am a Green Steel Pioneer because I am passionate about working with metal.”

“Some people think that craft trades are not for women. But I see it differently: I’ve always enjoyed practical work and looking for solutions to technical problems. Now I’m going to be an industrial mechanic at GMH Gruppe. Because without industrial mechanics, the smelter won’t run, I’m quite confident about that. I repair assemblies and individual parts of the production facilities. I monitor production processes and make sure that the systems are ready for operation.”

“When did you experience collectiveness in GMH Gruppe?”

“The first time was at the Trainee Days. All new trainees in the entire group were invited to a meeting lasting several days. There was a lot of information, but also a lot of fun and team activities. I got to know lots of new people from the other locations.”

“My daily GreenSteelPioneer moment”:

“Every morning when I put on my work clothes, I know: now I’m back to work, now I can do what I like to do best – work with my hands and my head.”

Portrait | GMH Karriere | GreenSteelPioneers

Kira Becker

trainee for Forwarding and Logistics Services

Learn to buy and sell / On the way to becoming a steel trader


„Sustainability is the basis for a secure future.“

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“I am a Green Steel Pioneer because my training will give me job security in the future.”

“After graduating from secondary school, I started my apprenticeship as a assistant to the management of the Forwarding and Logistics Services. Here I work in many areas of the company: from purchasing, sales, logistics and shipping to human resources, training and development and controlling. For example, I negotiate with suppliers, am the contact person for our customers and process applications.”

“Do you think that sustainability plays a role in your work?”

“I am convinced that I am working in a sustainable company. And for me, training in the steel industry means a job in an industry of the future: if we want to live sustainably, steel is an important material for this. After all, it is used to make wind turbines and efficient energy generation plants, for example.”

“My daily GreenSteelPioneer moment”:

“Whenever I am in contact with external parties such as suppliers or customers, I can explain and demonstrate the importance of Green Steel. That makes me proud.”


We are


We’ve been pioneering green steel for 30 years.

Recyling Deponie Kran

Our goal: to produce entirely carbon-neutral steel by 2039. To achieve this, we need a lot of talented people onboard. Join our team and help us forge a sustainable future!

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As a visionary company, not only are we breaking new ground in steel production, but also in workforce management.

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We believe in the power of diversity, and we’re creating a working environment characterized by openness, respect and appreciation. We believe in flexible structures and flat hierarchies. As well as a guaranteed job once you’ve finished your training, you’ll enjoy a wide range of benefits covering finance, health, work-life balance and much more.

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“The training opportunities we offer are just as varied as our grades of steel.”

Florian Poertner, Head of Training at GMH Gruppe

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You’ve finished high school, exam results in the bag! So now what? It’s easy – come and join us! We can offer you exactly the right apprenticeship. Or you can combine theory and practice and start your work-study degree course with us.


We offer all kinds of apprenticeships: You can train as a materials tester or electronics technician, toolmaker or industrial administrator, process engineer or IT specialist. You’re sure to find the right apprenticeship with us.

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Go on learning – or get to work? If you’d prefer to do both, then a work-study program is the right choice for you. That way, you can combine practical work with lectures at a university or vocational college.



Out of the classroom and into the workplace: Build up your knowledge by gathering valuable practical experience.

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