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Together with our customers, we develop pioneering solutions for the automotive industry: from initial idea to primary material right through to ready-to-install components

Our steel is produced in electric arc furnaces. Rolled, forged and – if required – further processed by machine, it forms the basis for safety-critical mobility applications. Our production processes and lightweight construction concepts help to reduce emissions and fuel consumption while meeting the highest quality standards. As an essential partner to the automotive industry, we supply solutions for both conventional and electric vehicles – from rolled steel bars as a primary material for the production of transmission and engine components such as connecting rods or rotor shafts, through to ready-to-install steering racks.

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Vehicles made in Germany contain steel from GMH Gruppe.

Market trend: drivetrain electrification

Electric motors

Demand for electric cars continues to rise worldwide. Studies assume that around half of all vehicles sold in 2030 will be electric. The motors of these vehicles require highly resilient steel components. These include, for example, rotor shafts for electric motors, which are made from our steel.

Green Steel for the automotive market

Low emissions
for a greener future

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Reducing CO2 emissions is vitally important to the automotive industry. Among other things, manufacturers are focusing on more environmentally friendly production technologies, recycling raw materials and improving the life cycle impacts of their vehicles. This includes the production and sale of electric and hybrid vehicles. Together with car manufacturers and their suppliers, we are developing low-emission, recyclable steel products for various mobility applications – green steel for green mobility.

We are Green Steel

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High-precision carbon footprint calculations for 1,000,000 product variants

We calculate the carbon footprints of over one million product variants with extremely high levels of accuracy and reliability – in a process certified by TÜV SÜD. As an automotive manufacturer or supplier, you can use this data to analyze decarbonization along your supply chain and provide precise figures to support your legally prescribed and self-imposed climate targets.

PCF certificate

What you can expect

Lightweight materials that save fuel

Lightweight construction is becoming increasingly relevant, especially for drivetrain and chassis components in passenger cars and commercial vehicles. For this reason, our materials development department, working with other specialists in the Lightweight Forging Initiative, has developed almost 2,000 ideas – for our innovative 46MnVS5 material, for example. This high-strength steel makes crack connecting rods ten percent lighter.

High-strength steels to increase safety

Working closely with our customers, we have developed two new types of steel that can be produced with significantly less energy than before: bainitic forged 16MnCrV7-7 steel, and 50CrMnB5-3 steel, which is induction-hardened following semi-hot forming.

Low-emission electric steel that reduces CO2

Alongside the goal of reducing CO2 emissions from transportation, it is becoming increasingly important to manufacture the vehicles themselves in a low-emission process. The steel from our electric furnaces already causes 80 percent fewer CO2 emissions than conventional steel production.

Our products

Our top automotive products

Steel bars (rolled)

Our steel bars are hot-rolled, round long products, which we manufacture to the highest quality as a pre-material for high-quality end products to ...

Bright steel

Our bright steel is hot-rolled, peeled bar steel with a smooth surface that is as pure as possible, which is manufactured for our customers in ...

Cut lengths

We also offer our hot-rolled round material in Special Bar Quality (SBQ) in cut lengths (also known as short pieces)

Closed-die forgings

We produce drop forgings with 200 years of experience - from forged blanks to ready-to-install components. Our dimensional spectrum ranges from 5 ...

Steering component

We support our customers in the development and design of steering racks and produce them for steering systems in passenger cars and commercial ...

Contract manufacturing

We are your first point of contact for extensive contract machining options based on our many years of experience and technological expertise.

CNC compo­nents

We offer our steel as CNC-machined components. Thanks to our high-performance machinery, we are able to produce complex shapes exactly as required.

Special profiles

We are one of the world's leading manufacturers of hot-rolled special steel profiles. Our products are manufactured to order and further processed ...

In use

From product to application

Our high-quality steel products are used in many automotive applications. Here are a few examples.

Steel bars (rolled)

Used as a pre-material for transmission and engine components

Steering component

In use as a steering component for passenger cars

Special profiles

Used as a connecting element between car door and vehicle

Bright steel

Used for gear shafts and the bottom brackets of e-bikes


Most sustainable supplier to the Volkswagen Group

Volkswagen Osnabrück supplies our Georgsmarienhütte steelworks with scrap metal generated during the production process. There, the scrap is recycled into new high-tech steel bars. These in turn are delivered to the Volkswagen plant in Baunatal for the production of transmission components, ensuring that 100 percent of recyclable materials find their way back into the loop.

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