Turning scrap into excellence,
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GMH Green Steel Herstellung

From crude steel to ready-to-install components: steel products that add sustainable value

We are shaping the future of steel by placing sustainability at the heart of our manufacturing processes. Our closed-loop system produces green steel that benefits our customers and our planet.

Recycling scrap

Scrap as the foundation of our steel value chain


Scrap is the basis of our steel production: our high-tech products are made from almost 100 percent scrap metal. In this way, we avoid mining new raw materials and conserve our natural resources. We process steel scrap, special scrap and non-ferrous metal scrap so that it can be reused. We also make use of recirculated scrap such as offcuts and shavings in our steel production process.

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The electric arc furnace

Our climate champion


We produce steel from recycled scrap in the most sustainable way possible: in an electric arc furnace. Compared with traditional blast furnaces, it emits less CO2, consumes less energy and minimizes harmful air pollutants. In addition, the electric furnace can be flexibly controlled based on demand, without being tied to continuous operating cycles like integrated steelworks. Increasingly, we rely on renewable energy sources to operate our furnace, thereby continuously improving our carbon footprint.

1 Melting:


The scrap is melted down in the electric arc furnace. The electric arc between the graphite electrodes reaches temperatures of up to 3,500 degrees Celsius.

2 Tapping:


The molten steel runs into the ladle through a refractory tube in the furnace floor. The addition of alloying elements gives the steel exactly the right properties for the customer’s end product.

3 Continuous casting process:


The molten steel is then cast without interruption.

4 Flame cutting machine:


Depending on the customer’s specifications, the steel is cut using either continuous or ingot casting, cooled in the turning bed and checked for quality in the finishing area. After this, it is ready to be dispatched.

How we use our electric furnaces
to produce Green Steel

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Closed-loop manufacturing

Maximum sustainable
value creation


Our aim is to productively reuse resources and materials over and over again, to take full advantage of synergies along the entire value chain. This is why we rely on integrated product and energy cycles in our value stream, which we are constantly improving.

Our path to CO2-neutral steel production

We have made a promise to ourselves and future generations: By 2039, our steel production activities will no longer produce any CO2 emissions (Scope 1+2).
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Strahlproduktion im Jahr 2030
Stahlproduktion im Jahr 2039

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