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With us, you won’t just be forging green steel – you’ll also be forging a sustainable future. Come and join us! We offer creative freedom, encourage personal responsibility, and provide plenty of opportunities for personal and professional development.

Our #GreenSteelPioneers

Portrait | GMH Karriere | GreenSteelPioneers

Christina Wolters

Head of Melting Shop

Boss of the e-furnace / Ruler of 130 megavolt amperes


„Diversity is needed to overcome boundaries.“

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“I am a Green Steel Pioneer because I take responsibility together with my team.”

“I originally studied chemical process engineering. I started at GMH Gruppe in product safety and process technology. Today, I manage the melting operations of the steelworks in Georgsmarienhütte and, therefore, a large team. My job is incredibly varied, and the work here is characterized by collectiveness and team spirit: Everyone here works passionately for steel as a product. Once you’ve seen red-hot steel, it’s a fascination that never let’s go.”

“How do you experience diversity at GMH Gruppe?”

“GMH Gruppe is colorful and diverse. There are people here from a wide range of backgrounds and ages. The young people work well with the older ones and benefit from their wealth of experience. In turn, new perspectives and ideas are used. Together, everyone achieves the best for the group.”

“My daily GreenSteelPioneer moment”:

“Whenever I move through our steelworks with all its fascinating units, I know that I have a special workplace – but also a special responsibility.”

Portrait | GMH Karriere | GreenSteelPioneers

Sven Streuter


Worker with steel in his blood / Team player with a passion for steel


„Team spirit thrives where people work hand in hand.“

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“I am a Green Steel Pioneer because I enjoy working in a team.”

“With our electric arc furnace, we melt new steel from almost 100 percent scrap. To do this, we heat the metal to 1,600 degrees Celsius. The forces involved are enough to frighten some visitors. For me, after so many years of working in the steelworks, this is part of everyday life. It no longer blows my mind. Although liquid steel like that is fascinating.”

“Where do you feel the team spirit in your work?”

“When it comes to the cause, everyone here pulls together. We make sure that the furnace runs, and the scrap is melted. You can really feel the team spirit when there’s a technical problem: Then everyone is on hand – even if it’s already shift change. That welds us together.”

“My daily GreenSteelPioneer moment”:

“I’m always in a good mood when the electric oven is running, and we’re relaxed as a team. That’s when the odd comment is made – always meant as fun and never unfair.”

Portrait | GMH Karriere | GreenSteelPioneers

Christopher Werning

Head of Data Analytics

“Count Number” of GMH Gruppe / Lord of Numbers


„Team spirit is needed to achieve goals.“

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“I am a Green Steel Pioneer because information is my passion.”

“We collect data, facts and figures at every step of our steel production process, from collecting the right scrap to delivery by rail and truck. Through targeted analyses, we transform the data into information and can thus optimize our processes to move our group of companies forward. This ensures that we save resources and CO2 emissions, for example. It is precisely this continuous development that makes our green steel.”

“How do you experience team spirit in your work?”

“Everyone does their best here. We discuss and fight together – not against each other, but with each other. Teamwork doesn’t just take place at work. The team spirit also applies in private life. For example, many colleagues volunteer at “Hütte Rockt” and organize a charitable open-air rock festival every year.”

“My daily GreenSteelPioneer moment”:

“When I meet with my team members, discuss the new evaluations and realize that we have been able to optimize and automate something again.”


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We’ve been pioneering green steel for 30 years.

Recyling Deponie Kran

Our goal: to supply entirely carbon-neutral steel by 2039. To achieve this, we need a lot of talented people onboard. Join us and contribute your expertise. Become part of our team and work with us to shape a better world!

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We’re forging the future right here

As a visionary company, not only are we breaking new ground in steel production, but also in workforce management.

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We believe in the power of diversity, and we’re creating a working environment characterized by openness, respect and appreciation. We believe in flexible structures and flat hierarchies. Our employees enjoy a wide range of benefits covering finance, health, work-life balance and much more.

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„To forge a sustainable future out of steel, we rely on a combination of courage, team spirit and innovation.”

Dr. Anne-Marie Grossmann, Managing Partner, GMH Gruppe

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Join us and enjoy true job satisfaction! We’re looking for smelters, foundry workers, CNC machinists and other talents for our production department.

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Finance, sales or marketing your thing? We’re looking for accounting, engineering and business expertise. Come and keep things running smoothly for us.

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Are you an electrician, mechanic or mechatronics specialist? We need you to keep our production operation up and running.

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IT specialists, IT administrators and IT consultants wanted! Come and help us as we continue to digitize our operations.

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