Steel castings


We produce high-quality cast steel components for well-known customers in the oil and gas, energy, railroad, mechanical engineering and defense technology industries, among others. We offer prototypes as well as small and medium-sized series.

Steel is produced in electric arc and induction crucible furnaces with subsequent VOD treatment. In the further process, we have various further processing options such as fettling, production welding, construction welding, heat treatment and surface treatment as well as comprehensive quality control including X-ray inspection. We also have our own mechanical processing facilities.


Max. 4.500 mm x 4.500 mm
100 kg to 10.000 kg

Our Portfolio


We cover a wide range of unalloyed and low-alloy steels, high-alloy steels and stainless steels including duplex and super-duplex steel castings as well as 6-mo
austenites, Ni-base alloys and hardfacing steel castings. In addition, we manufacture all common types of high-alloy, austenitic cast iron with spheroidal carbon formation (NiResist).

High-pressure fittings in the oil and gas industry, chassis components in streetcars, compressor components for large plants, (turbine) housings and valve combinations for the energy sector, machine components for the rubber industry, ingot casting (starting material for forging)


We manufacture all our products to customer specifications. So what are your specifications?

Please feel free to contact us. Together we will find your perfectly customized solution.

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Oliver Hölscher

Further processing possibilities

Heat treatment

Quenched and tempered (water or air hardening)


Normalising annealed


Solution annealed


Stress-relieved annealed


Quenching media

air, air blast, polymer, water

Mechanical processing options


max. Ø 2.300 mm * 2.100 mm


max. x: 2.200 mm​, y: 1.600 mm​, z: 1.850 mm



Surface treatment





GS/GX blasting


corundum blasting


What you can expect

100% raw material recycling

We use almost 100% scrap in steel production, thereby enabling closed material cycles

Simulation processes

The simulation of the casting and solidification process using state-of-the-art software enables us to influence the casting-compatible design of future cast parts in the design and planning phase

Linear accelerators

We use a linear accelerator that enables us to blast components with wall thicknesses of up to approx. 300 mm

Our innovations

Find out more about the future of steel and the exciting developments that are shaping our world.