Closed-die forgings

Gesenkgeschmiedete Teile

We produce drop forgings with 200 years of experience – from forged blanks to ready-to-install components. Our dimensional spectrum ranges from 5 kg to 3.5 tons, from a few centimetres to 4 meters in length.

Our products are used in large engines, railroad technology & mining, the oil & gas sector, the food industry and high-quality special applications. We are among the market leaders in many areas and stand for the highest quality.

We forge on forging hammers with 160, 320, 400 and 630 kNm and on presses with 31.5 and 45 MN. We attach great importance to high value creation, flexibly from a single source. Our hammers and presses meet the highest accuracy requirements. Die production is carried out 100% in-house.

We also have a wide range of heat treatment options, mechanical processing options (turning, milling, drilling) and an in-house paint shop for ready-to-install components. We ensure quality control with a wide range of options and our own laboratory. Our own engineering team provides individual customer advice.

Dimensional range of the Schmiedag (SDG) & Wildauer Schmiede- und Kurbelwellentechnik (WSK) production sites

Lengths (SDG)
up to 1,200 mm
Diameter (SDG)
up to 750 mm
Weights (SDG)
up to 750 kg
Lengths (WSK)
up to 4,500 mm
Diameter (WSK)
up to 1,250 mm
Weights (WSK)
up to 3,500 kg

Product areas

  • (Large) engines
  • Railway
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Automotive
  • Food industry
  • Special applications

Crankshafts and connecting rods for marine engines and stationary power generation | Brake disks for high-speed trains, e.g. ICE | Trailer couplings for passenger cars | Drive sprockets for chain drives | Separators for the food industry, e.g. milk production | Elevator links for oil production on drilling platforms | Floor plates for mining machinery | Joint mounts for regional trains

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Johannes Braun

Plant Director Schmiedag GmbH

Further processing possibilities

Heat treatment

Heat treatment on our own IOB rotary hearth furnaces and chamber furnaces

Mechanical processing options

4- and 5-axis machining centers

Component weight up to 500 kg (significantly heavier on request)

Table dimensions up to 1.6 m x 1.6 m

Multiple pallet changer and high-speed spindles

Versatile lathes

Surface treatment

In-house paint shop for painting in customer-specific colors

What you can expect


In-house toolmaking with 100% in-house die production. Flexible use of tool steel from our own group.

Extensive in-house quality department

State-of-the-art quality testing procedures (e.g. MPI crack testing, ultrasonic testing), In-house test laboratory, certified for worldwide inspection companies, State-of-the-art automatic 3D measuring systems with high-precision sensors

Ready-to-install components

In-house machining and paint shop for completely ready-to-install components


ISO 50:0001 | DIN EN ISO 9001 | DIN EN ISO 14001

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