CNC compo­nents

CNC Komponenten

We offer our steel as CNC-machined components. Thanks to our high-performance machinery, we are able to produce complex shapes exactly as required.

We use high-quality primary material, e.g. from our own production, to machine our CNC components. High-performance CNC systems such as our double or single-spindle system with 9-axis control can produce almost any contour. We use them to produce a wide range of complex CNC components and ready-to-install parts, with a high-quality coating if required.


CNC components

Application examples

Components for hydraulic systems in lifting masts, CNC-machined weld-in bushes, components in the drive train of passenger cars


We manufacture all our products to customer specifications.

Please feel free to contact us. Together we will find your perfectly customized solution.

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Mario Griesmaier

Senior Sales Manager Piston and connecting rods & CNC components

Further processing possibilities

Heat treatment

Treated to hardness range


Quenching and tempering


Treated to ferrite-pearlite microstructure and hardness range






Stress-relieving annealing


Induction surface hardening


What you can expect

Raw material recycling

We use almost 100 % scrap in our low-CO2-emission steel production, thereby enabling closed loops

Broad product range

Bright steel with added value from a single source, even with smaller batch sizes

Short-term availability

Bright steel of various grades and special analyses

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Cut lengths

We also offer our hot-rolled round material in Special Bar Quality (SBQ) in cut lengths (also known as short pieces)

Piston rods

We produce our piston rods in the GMH Gruppe from a single source, from the material to the ready-to-install component.

Our innovations

Find out more about the future of steel and the exciting developments that are shaping our world.