Cast ingots


We produce ingots in large dimensions. Our range of materials extends from quenched and tempered (QT) steels to case-hardened steels, bearing steels, PHFP steels and heat-resistant steels through to tool steels.

We produce a wide range of steel grades in our electric arc furnaces. Secondary metallurgy for the precise adjustment of material properties is carried out in VD/VOD systems. For demanding applications that require a particularly high degree of purity, we produce remelted material using the electroslag forming process (ESR).


1,1-62 t
3,7-62 t
3,7-76,5 t
10,5-79 t
ESU ingots
3,8-84 t

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Further processing possibilities

Heat treatment


Mechanical processing options

Cropping / Sawing

What you can expect

Raw material recycling

We use almost 100 % scrap in our low-CO2 steel production, thereby enabling closed loops

Broad portfolio

We offer a wide range of different block formats and weights

Wide range of options

We have a wide range of materials to meet your exact requirements

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