Transportation and logistics

Steel is indispensable
in the transportation and logistics industry

GMH Gruppe Transport und Logistik

With our high-quality steel products, we keep the modern world moving

Thanks to its resistance to extreme conditions and loads, steel ensures that vehicles and infrastructure always function reliably, even in the most demanding conditions.

To make this happen, steel is used in drive components for commercial vehicles and ships, hoists and lifting equipment in materials handling and intralogistics, and special materials for the aerospace industry. Steel is the often-invisible architect ensuring that our globalized world runs smoothly.

Market trend: e-commerce

Warehouse and materials handling technology

The market for warehouse and materials handling technology is rapidly growing, driven by the strong growth of e-commerce and the increasing adoption of multichannel logistics by a wide range of industries. We supply this market with, for example, hot-rolled special profiles for materials handling equipment, as well as warehouse and logistics structures.

Green Steel for the energy and raw materials market

Low emissions
for a greener future

GMH Gruppe Stahl Lager

In a constantly evolving world, our steel remains an indispensable building block for sustainable transportation and logistical infrastructure. We supply products and lightweight solutions while minimizing our CO2 emissions. In closed-loop collaborations with customers, we return metal products to the steel production process, either as production scrap or when they reach the end of their life cycles.

We are Green Steel

What you can expect

We produce hot-rolled special profiles and have our own tool production facility

We are a leading global manufacturer of hot-rolled special profiles for materials handling. We supply almost all of the world’s leading forklift truck manufacturers with lift mast profiles, fork carriage profiles and sideshift profiles. We manufacture the rollers required for production in-house, in close consultation with our customers.

We forge products with oversize dimensions

We forge and machine our products with the utmost precision and test them extensively before delivery, from closed-die forgings weighing up to 3.5 metric tons through to ready-to-install crankshafts weighing up to 20 metric tons. Our products are in use and in demand worldwide, for example in shipbuilding.

We are your specialist for extreme environments

Extreme environments require robust product solutions. Our Cronidur® 30 cold working steel has a unique combination of properties that have made it possible to develop innovative, high-stress applications in the aerospace industry.

Our products

Our top products for the transportation and logistics market

Steel bars (rolled)

Our steel bars are hot-rolled, round long products, which we manufacture to the highest quality as a pre-material for high-quality end products to ...

Bright steel

Our bright steel is hot-rolled, peeled bar steel with a smooth surface that is as pure as possible, which is manufactured for our customers in ...

Cut lengths

We also offer our hot-rolled round material in Special Bar Quality (SBQ) in cut lengths (also known as short pieces)

Closed-die forgings

We produce drop forgings with 200 years of experience - from forged blanks to ready-to-install components. Our dimensional spectrum ranges from 5 ...

High-nitrogen steels

High-nitrogen steels (HNS) such as Cronidur® 30, which we developed, have unique properties for highly demanding, critical applications.

Contract manufacturing

We are your first point of contact for extensive contract machining options based on our many years of experience and technological expertise.

Piston rods

We produce our piston rods in the GMH Gruppe from a single source, from the material to the ready-to-install component.

CNC compo­nents

We offer our steel as CNC-machined components. Thanks to our high-performance machinery, we are able to produce complex shapes exactly as required.

Forged stainless steel

We supply forged stainless steel weighing up to 56 tons in a wide variety of material grades.

Steel castings

We produce high-quality cast steel components for well-known customers in the oil and gas, energy, railroad, mechanical engineering and defense ...

Iron castings

We produce high-quality cast iron components for OEMs and suppliers to numerous key industries. Our range of materials includes all grey cast iron ...

Open-die forgings

Our open-die forgings are manufactured by forming high-quality steel. In this process, pre-material produced by ingot casting is precisely formed ...

Special profiles

We are one of the world's leading manufacturers of hot-rolled special steel profiles. Our products are manufactured to order and further processed ...

In use

From product to application

Our high-quality steel products are used in many applications. Here are a few examples.

Special profiles

Used in the lift masts of forklift trucks

CNC compo­nents

Used in the rear wheel steering of forklift trucks

Closed-die forgings

Used in ship, locomotive and truck engines

Steel bars (rolled)

Used in the aerospace industry for ball screw drives

Our innovations for the transportation and logistics market

In terms of strength and durability, our steel solutions meet the exceptionally high standards required for efficient, reliable means of transportation.

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