Steel: the driving force in shipbuilding

Close cooperation assures optimum solutions. From new materials to large components: together with our customers, we set course for new horizons every single day.

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High-precision technological and materials development

Enormous experience in ultra-large components, the innovative development of technological applications and primary materials, combined with high-precision machining, up to and including the ready-to-use part:: shipbuilding customers rightly rely on GMH Gruppe's know-how and range of products and services. An essential factor in our success is our close cooperation with the customer in our development and production processes. This allows the achievement, from castings and shipbuilding-steel elements, and assisted by drawings, 3D models, simulations and data-mining methods, of solutions that precisely meet - with absolute certainty - our customers' needs and the demands made during service for, in many cases, decades.

GMH Gruppe's range of products and services

Companies in the shipbuilding sector benefit, above all, from the concentration of capabilities within GMH Gruppe. WSK in Wildau, SWG in Gröditz and SMB Schwermechanik GmbH, for example, assure maximum quality and efficiency in development and production, from the primary material right through to the finished component. These companies are the partner of choice when the demands made on materials or components are especially exacting - in terms, for example, of dimensional accuracy and machined finish.

WSK is known throughout Europe as a specialist in the finish machining of large ready-to-install crankshafts. Crankshafts and connecting rods for marine engines are made by our specialists on the firm basis of more than fifty years of experience in machining technologies. High-precision machines, a comprehensive quality management system and tight networking with the other companies in GMH Gruppe assure highly efficient processes and outstanding results – from the melting of the steel, via the unique properties of the grade of steel selected, up to and including the forging process and finish machining.

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Technologies to meet future challenges

For our customers, we are not only the partner of choice, but also enablers and pioneering thinkers. Learn here what drives us:

Top-performing lightweighting

Innovations for groundbreaking mobility

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Capabilities that inspire trust

HP sections

Many of our products are indispensable in shipbuilding. Mannsteadt's HP sections are, without doubt, one of them. And our experts have now even gone a step further: Mannsteadt's newly launched double-hump flat profiles (DHP) meet customer-specified tolerances tighter than those stipulated in the relevant DIN standard. These sections can be rolled in one piece in a range of dimensions up to DHP 480 across a length of up to 24 m, and exhibit very high surface quality.


The companies in GMH Gruppe guarantee with comprehensive and certified quality management that the tried-and-proved quality of their products and processes is constantly and consistently assured. The commitment of highly competent employees, working on high-precision machines and equipment, are yet another guarantor that we deliver exactly what we promise.

Locational advantages

Our companies mesh together with maximum efficiency - and not only in forging technology and the machining of components. The more than twenty companies in GMH Gruppe focus their strengths beyond the boundaries of their locations in order to deliver the best single-source solution to our customers – from production of the steel, via its processing, up to and including customised product developments. In Europe, our core market, we make use of the continent's good transport infrastructure to assure maximum delivery reliability and flexibility.


Acting sustainably is a focal topic, in all industries and in all sectors, not just in shipbuilding. Steel is a virtually and infinitely 100% recyclable input material and provides optimum preconditions for sustainability. We use scrap as a sustainable source of primary materials, thus conserving natural resources and the environment. By optimising production and logistics processes, our companies have demonstrably saved the climate many tonnes of CO2 with each passing year.

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