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The aerospace industry knows it can rely on all of our strengths, and above all on our high-precision development of technologies and materials.

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Materials that meet extreme demands

Again and again, aerospace redefines standards. During service, aerospace components and assemblies are exposed to chemical and mechanical loads of exceptional magnitude. Most especially, the materials used in aerospace engineering, whether they be plastics, ceramics or metals, will need to perform to their limits throughout their useful lives. And this is precisely where our special steel materials show their capabilities best. Developed for use in safety-critical applications, including the fuel pumps on US space shuttles and the flaps of commercial airliners, our aerospace solutions again and again deliver results whose quality and accuracy go way beyond standard requirements.

GMH Gruppe's products and services

The demands made on materials and components in the aerospace sector are not simply extremely high - they are, in most cases, unique. In close cooperation with the customer, we develop components, materials, technologies and solutions that master these challenges precisely. These are the capabilities that make us the industry's partner of choice for critical, technically exacting applications.

Aerospace industry customers rightly expect from us ultimate quality in development and production - every single time, and from both the processes used and, of course, the end product. Whether it's exceptional lightness, ultra-high resistance to corrosion, or the utmost in mechanical strength, all attained via precise combinations of the ideal alloys - there is scarcely any aerospace challenge for which our experts cannot find the optimum solution.

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Technologies to meet future challenges

For our customers, we are not only the partner of choice, we are also enablers and pioneering thinkers. Learn what drives us here.

High-performance lightweighting

Innovations for groundbreaking mobility.

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Our CRONIDUR®30 steel alloy, developed by Energietechnik Essen, has already proven its capabilities in the fuel pumps of US space shuttles. In tests, CRONIDUR®30 bearings survived more than forty start cycles and exceeded their anticipated fully lubricated service-life 80-fold. CRONIDUR®30's unique combination of outstanding properties also make this high-nitrogen martensitic steel the first-choice material for the shafts of large aircraft engines.


We set exceptionally high standards for the quality of our processes and their results. Our far-reaching quality management system enables us to ensure that the ultra-high quality that we promise to our customers is actually achieved at every single stage of development and production. Committed, highly capable employees, high-performance technologies and state-of-the-art facilities, anchored in top-level certifications and approvals, assist us in attaining these high aims.


In such an energy-intensive industry as steel, the protection of the climate and the conservation of natural resources are of elemental importance. We are continuously further optimising our production and logistics methods, in order to perform even better in these vital areas. We thus exploit here the natural properties of steel as our most valuable source of feed materials: steel is practically 100% infinitely reusable and we constantly return it to new utilisations in a never-ending recycling circuit.

Locational advantages

Not only our aerospace customers benefit from our intensive networking of more than twenty specialised companies. Whether it be steel production, steel working and fabrication, or Research & Development: to assure optimum single-source solutions, we focus the strengths and capabilities of these companies into an efficient high-speed process. This, combined with the excellent infrastructure in our core market of Europe, assures indisputable competitive advantages – in the form, for example, of high delivery reliability and flexibility.

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