With decades of experience in mechanical processing, GMH Gruppe is a specialist in large crankshafts for shipbuilding, large stationary engines and pumps as well as compressors. We also offer eccentric shafts for a wide range of applications.

We produce our crankshafts and eccentric shafts from steel melting, through the forging process and mechanical processing to the ready-to-install product. Optimum steel properties and precisely coordinated processes with high-performance machines guarantee results of the highest quality and dimensional accuracy. We also offer after-sales services for crankshafts, including damage and wear assessments and repairs.


Raw part weight
max. 50 t
Finished part length
max. 13 m
bearing diameter
max. 1.100 mm
Swing diameter
up to 1.300 mm
1/2 stroke
max. 450 mm
by agreement


Application examples

Crankshafts for large engines (4-stroke engines), e.g. for locomotives, ships and for stationary power generation power generation


Crankshafts for four-stroke engines


Crankshafts for pumps


Crankshafts for compressors




Shafts made to measure

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Further processing possibilities

Mechanical processing options






Material Testing

US testing

Magnetic crack detection

Determination of chemical analysis

Compression, tensile and notch impact testing

Microstructure check

Hardness testing according to HV, HB, HRc

Automatic dimensional inspection


What you can expect

Raw material recycling

We use almost 100 % scrap in steel production for our open-die forged products, thereby enabling closed cycles

Wide range

Various machining options for crankshafts

Great variety

We can offer a wide range of material grades for crankshafts

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