Steel castings

Steel castings

We at GMG Gruppe provide our customers with perfect solutions in iron and steel casting – from the patterns all the way down to shipment of the castings - for their entire value chains. With our know-how and expertise concentrated at two locations in Germany, we meet even the most complex and specific customer requirements.

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Range of services and supplies

When we speak of iron or steel casting, we have not only the series or one-off cast item in mind. Instead, we look at the whole production process and provide our customers with a comprehensive range of services for their entire value chain. We take a holistic approach and deliver solutions for all stages of the production process - from patterns, core and mould making, via melting, heat treatment, fettling, machining, fabricating and structural welding, surface finishing, up to and including quality control and logistics.

Development capabilities

Whether iron or steel casting, we supply products that comply perfectly with our customers’ specifications. This encompasses comprehensive consultation expertise in prototype, pre-series and series development, and also in product optimisation. From the alloy, the production process, castability tests, simulations and  casting designs up to component optimisation and lightweighting – we always find the ideal solution in iron or steel.


With our expert know-how and foundry expertise, we provide our customers with excellent iron and steel casting solutions that ideally meet their requirements. Close cooperation with the customer, comprehensive development capabilities and expert materials knowledge, combined with the flexibility and know-how needed to cope with highly complex requirements – this is what GMH Gruppe stands for.

  • From prototype to series production
  • Concentrated know-how
  • Certifications and licenses

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Oliver Hölscher

Sales Director Castings