Piston and connecting rods

Piston and connecting rods

Our piston and connecting rods are used wherever heavy loads have to be moved – as components in the hydraulic cylinders of, for example, large earthmoving, agricultural and goods vehicles, in floor-mounted handling equipment, and in mechanical and plant engineering in general.

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Piston and connecting rods must operate safety and reliably at all times and are required to withstand great stresses: our piston and connecting rods are installed, for instance, in the hydraulic cylinders of fork-lift trucks. Here they constitute a vital mechanical component that enables the truck to steer hydraulically and to lift heavy loads. Not only their dimensional accuracy, but also, and decisively, the surface finish applied, are what count if these rods are to perform safely and reliably and achieve a long service-life.

Production process

Piston and connecting rods are produced at GMH on highly efficient peeling, testing, grinding and polishing machines. The peeled and tested bright steel is ground and polished - we achieve ultra-tight tolerances during precisely these operations. Belt-polishing is followed by electroplating (plating with chromium). We can also perform a wide range of other surface finishing operations, ranging from nitriding to further electroplated coatings.


Precision manufactured, shipped swiftly and reliably to the customer: here at GMH Gruppe, we produce our piston and connecting rods from a single source, right through from the raw material to the ready-to-use component. We can, for example, obtain a large number of our more than 500 grades of steel from stock at short notice, and also supply short production runs and special lengths. We supply piston and connecting rods in lengths from 50 to 6,500 mm - and even the packing we use conforms exactly to the customer's requirements.

  • Short production runs also possible
  • More than 500 grades
  • Tight weight tolerances

Our products and services

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Dimensions Grade Heat treatment Material No.  
18 to 120 mm round C45 +U 1191 Request quotation
18 to 120 mm round C45 +QT 1191 Request quotation
18 to 120 mm round C45 +IH 1191 Request quotation
20 to 120 mm round 20MnV6 +U 5217 Request quotation
18 to 120 mm round 42CrMo4 +U 7225 Request quotation
18 to 120 mm round 42CrMo4 +QT 7225 Request quotation
18 to 120 mm round 42CrMo4 +IH 7225 Request quotation


Heat treatments / Surface tolerances, functional surfaces

  • Treated to hardness range (+TH)
  • Quenched and tempered (+QT)
  • Treated to ferrite-pearlite microstructure and hardness range (+FP)
  • Soft-annealed (+A)
  • Spheroidising annealed (+AC)
  • Stress-relieving annealed (+SR)
  • Induction surface hardening (+IH)
  • Grinding to ISO tolerance h6
  • Drilling
  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Chip-removing machined

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