Iron casting

Iron casting

We at GMH Gruppe supply our customers with the best iron casting solutions for their applications – along the entire value chain. From design to delivery, we combine our skills and expertise to meet even the most complex, highly individual requirements.

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When we speak of iron casting, we have not only the series or one-off cast item in mind. Instead, we deliver integrated solutions: from design support and pattern, core and mould making through to melting, heat treatment, fettling, surface treatment, machining and complete, ready-to-install assembly.   

Production process

Whether it concerns a small-, medium- or large-scale series, our manufacturing process includes comprehensive consultation on request, including prototype, pre-series and series development as well as product optimisation. We find the best solution for your applications, from materials to manufacturing processes, castability check, simulation, design, lightweight construction and component optimisation.


We bring the right experts together for excellent results from cast iron. Close cooperation with the customer, comprehensive development and materials expertise as well as the flexibility and proficiency to meet complex requirements are what sets us apart.  We fulfil customer requests with precision, including where quality and supply logistics are concerned.

  • From development to ready-to-install and pre-assembled series components
  • High materials expertise for a great variety of grades
  • Rapid prototyping (3D printing for pattern and core making)

Materials expertise

Our range of materials includes all grey and ductile cast iron grades according to DIN EN 1561 and DIN EN 1563. Special alloys and alloys to customer specifications, incl. EN-GJV (vermicular graphite cast iron), EN-GJS-XSiMo and Ni-resist alloys round out our production range.

Our supply range

Engine construction

Complex, core-intensive components, including those for high-temperature applications, machined and/or as assemblies ready-to-install.

ProductMaterialWeight range 
Cylinder headsEN-GJL, EN-GJV, EN-GJS10 – 80 kgRequest quotation
Engine blocksEN-GJL, EN-GJV30 – 75 kgRequest quotation
Exhaust manifolds

EN-GJS, EN-GJS-XSiMo; Ni-Resist

3 – 40 kgRequest quotation
Turbocharger housingsEN-GJS, EN-GJS-XSiMo; Ni-Resist3 – 40 kgRequest quotation
Water pump housings


5 – 25 kgRequest quotation
Diverse additional, customised
engine attachments
All3 – 130 kgRequest quotation

Cooling and supercharger technology

Core-intensive, pressure-tight housing parts

ProductMaterialWeight range 
Supercharger housingsEN-GJL, EN-GJS15 – 130 kgRequest quotation
Compressor housingsEN-GJL, EN-GJS15 – 130 kgRequest quotation
Various additional, customised compressor partsAll3 – 130 kgRequest quotation

Commercial vehicle construction

Gearbox and axle components; frame attachments, incl. machining.

ProductMaterialWeight range 
Gearbox housingsEN-GJL, EN-GJS15 – 80 kgRequest quotation

Distributor gear housings


40 – 80 kgRequest quotation

Planetary carriers


10 – 30 kgRequest quotation

Axle housings

EN-GJS40 – 80 kgRequest quotation

Coupling bodies

EN-GJS10 – 25 kgRequest quotation

Frame attachments

EN-GJS5 – 25 kgRequest quotation

Agricultural equipment

Gearbox and axle components; add-on parts for frames, and attachment parts.

ProductMaterialWeight range 
Internal gear housingsEN-GJL, EN-GJS15 – 50 kgRequest quotation

Slewing gear housings

EN-GJL, EN-GJS5 – 40 kgRequest quotation
Channel platesEN-GJS20 – 40 kgRequest quotation
Rear axle coversEN-GJS100 – 130 kgRequest quotation
SwingbasesEN-GJS50 – 70 kgRequest quotation
Front platesEN-GJS25 – 50 kgRequest quotation
Slide railsEN-GJS10 – 40 kgRequest quotation

Drive technology

Gearbox parts for electric gear motors and off-highway applications.

ProductMaterialWeight range 
Gearbox housingsEN-GJL, EN-GJS5 – 80 kgRequest quotation

Laminated cores

EN-GJS10 – 20 kgRequest quotation
Coil bodiesEN-GJS5 – 25 kgRequest quotation

Ready-to-install, pre-assembled components

In addition to casting production, we offer further processing services in cooperation with highly qualified service providers. As a TIER 1 supplier, we can coordinate customer requests for machinging services, thermal insulation solutions, pre- and final assembly services, even taking over procurement and quality responsibility for the assembly parts used. Our highly skilled specialists work closely with our partners in precisely and fully meeting our customers' requirements.

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Carsten Hinz

Sales Director Casting Parts


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