Wildauer Schmiede- und Kurbelwellentechnik (WSK) supplies finish-machined crankshafts from non-machined items weighing up to 50 tonnes – manufactured precisely to customer specifications, thoroughly quality-checked and ready to install. Our crankshafts are used as components in high-output engines, general mechanical and plant engineering, and in numerous other sectors, including energy, pumps & compressors.

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Crankshafts generate the rotational force in combustion engines. Our crankshafts are used to propel ships, for example, and a wide range of other machinery and equipment. With our more than 60 years of machining experience, we are noted for our high level of expertise in the production of heavy-duty crankshafts for ships and for use in machinery such as high-power stationary engines, pumps and compressors.     

Production process

We cover the complete value chain in crank and camshaft production - from the melting and forging processes up to and including the ready-to-install product. Optimized steel compositions, perfectly harmonised processes and high-performance production machinery and equipment guarantee the top quality and excellent dimensional accuracy of our products.    


"Renowned experts in crankshaft production, we are the first address for top-performing crankshafts manufactured exactly to our customers' specifications and demands. In addition to serial production we also produce one-off crankshafts and prototypes. Whatever the specifications and number of items ordered: We always guarantee top quality, maximum precision, excellent customer support and on-time delivery. 
Additional services: reconditioning and repair, after-sales support, including damage and wear analyses of crankshafts."    

  • Max. weight of non-machined parts: 50t
  • Max. length of finish-machined parts: 13m
  • for four-stroke engines, piston pumps and compressors, camshafts

Our range

Our production range:

  • max. weight of non-machined parts: 50t
  • max. length of finsh-machined parts: 13m
  • max. bearing diameter: 600mm
  • max. “swing” diameter: 1,300mm, max.
  • 1/2 stroke: 450mm
  • standards by agreement
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Heat treatment

  • Milling
  • Grinding
  • Compression, tensile and Charpy V-notch tests
  • Turning
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Microstructure
  • Mill-Turning
  • Magnetic particel inspection
  • Hardness tests (HV, HB, HRc)
  • Drilling
  • Chemical material-analysis
  • Dimensional inspection

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Andreas Bruntsch

Sales Director Open Die Forgings & Machining