CNC components

CNC components

CNC components are distinguished by the ultra-high accuracy of their production. High-precision control technology enables us, particularly in the case of complex geometries, to produce work exactly to the customer's requirements – and with absolute accuracy of repetition.

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CNC components are manufactured on special machine tools equipped with an ultra-precise control technology (Computer Numerical Control). This technology makes it possible to produce and inspect components of extreme high quality precisely in conformity to specification (even in series production). The customer's drawings, specifications or internal standards are generally the starting point.

Production process

We select high-quality primary material – from our own production, for example – for machining of our CNC components. High-performance CNC equipment, such as our double- or single-spindle 9-axis controlled machines, can reproduce practically any contour. We use them to produce many diverse, highly complex, CNC components and ready-to-fit parts, complete with high-quality surface coating/finish, if required.


Ultra-high dimensional accuracy and properties precisely matching the customer's requirements are what make our CNC components special. More than 500 grades of steel provide the basis for our products. Many of these grades are also available at short notice. Excellent single-sourced CNC components are delivered to our customers packed securely and precisely as specified. Contract (toll) production and small production runs are also possible.

  • Small batches
  • More than 500 grades
  • Tight weight tolerances

Our products and services

Your CNC components – as unique as your business: Just send us your component drawing and tell us your wishes. You can request your tailor-made quotation here!


Heat treatments / Surface tolerances, functional surfaces

  • Treated to hardness range (+TH)
  • Quenched and tempered (+QT)
  • Treated to ferrite-pearlite microstructure and hardness range (+FP)
  • Soft-annealed (+A)
  • Spheroidising (+AC)
  • Stress-relieving annealed (+SR)
  • Induction surface hardening (+IH)
  • Grinding to ISO tolerance h6
  • Drilling
  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Chip-removing machined

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Marco Altenhöfer

Sales Director Peeled Bars & CNC