Stahl Judenburg GmbH

A company of the Steel Processing business unit

Steel for maximum loads

Stahl Judenburg stands for high-quality steel bars and bright steel, which it produces using high-grade structural steel. It provides the foundation for high-tech products all around the world, for example in the automotive industry, in engine and plant construction and in specialist applications.

Stahl Judenburg products are used wherever components are subject to high levels of strain or it is essential that components function safely. Machined with maximum precision, they meet the tight tolerance requirements of the extremely demanding automotive sector, for example. Our experience, the combined expertise of our employees, their ideas and the resulting high-quality steel products have made us one of Europe’s leading processors of steel.

High-tech, high-grade structural steel products

In many sectors, our products are used as the basis for high-tech components, cam shafts, steering gears, construction and agricultural machinery, diesel injection units, piston rods and chain pins. Our development focuses on two factors: the requirements of our customers and the demands of the market we help to shape. Stahl Judenburg focuses on the production and machining of steel bar products that are in the alloyed quality range, rolled or bright, pre-fabricated, surface-treated or ready-to-install components. 

Europe’s leading source of expertise

There are many different ways of processing steel. Our objective is defined by the requirements of the customer. We work towards this goal in close partnership with the customer, as well as with other GMH Gruppe experts and companies. What makes us stand out is the dedication and expertise of our employees, especially in the fields of special inductive heat treatment, surface technology and machine cutting. During this work, modern production plants and testing techniques guarantee consistent quality, from the process to the product. 


Stahl Judenburg GmbH Headquarter

Gußstahlwerkstrasse 21
8750 Judenburg

  • Phone: +43 3572 701-0

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Prok. Ing. Gerhard Diewald

Sales & Logistic Manager Stahl Judenburg GmbH

Dr. Michael Zuber

Technical Manager Stahl Judenburg GmbH

Ing. Josef Siebenbäck

Sales Manager Special steels Stahl Judenburg GmbH

Prok. Joachim Seifter

Procurement Manager Stahl Judenburg GmbH

Ing. Heinz Kettner

Manager Bright Steel Stahl Judenburg GmbH

Franz Klingsbigl

Manager Piston rod and Components Stahl Judenburg GmbH

Dipl. Ing. Ernst Schrotter

Manager Quality department and applications engineering Stahl Judenburg GmbH

Dl (FH) Alexander Leitner

Manager Infrastructure Stahl Judenburg GmbH

Mario Griesmaier

Sales Manager Piston Rods and Components Stahl Judenburg GmbH

Dipl. Kfm. Mathias Hölscher

Managing Director GeisslerWista GmbH

Ing.Mag. Thomas Krenn

Managing Director GeisslerWista GmbH

Ing. Peter Sammt

Manager Rolling mill and heat treatment Stahl Judenburg GmbH

Dipl. Kfm. Mathias Hölscher

Managing Director Stahl Judenburg GmbH

Hildegund Reiter

Contact Person personal Stahl Judenburg GmbH

Irene Aich

Office Management Board Stahl Judenburg GmbH


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