Decarbonisation pioneer in the steel industry: With GREEN STEEL, we’re one step ahead when it comes to sustainability.

Future-oriented solutions

GMH Gruppe GREEN STEEL makes our customers’ products more sustainable – thanks to climate-friendly production processes, even today:

Each kilogram of crude steel from our electric arc furnace causes 1.3 kilograms fewer CO2 emissions than comparable steel from integrated steelmaking routes. We use 100% scrap as feedstock. Our value stream saves emissions thanks to climate-friendly logistics. New sustainable measures and innovative products are constantly being added. Above all: We have a clear, realistic roadmap for how we will produce our already low-emission steel in a completely climate-neutral way by 2050.

Electric arc furnace: Already low-emission

Direct CO2 emissions per kilogram of crude steel produced: 

Integrated steelmaking 1.7 kg 
Sector average 1.4 kg 
GMH Gruppe 0.4 kg 

Our measures


Our GREEN STEEL logo combines all the measures that make products more sustainable for our customers.

Measures: We are always improving

  • We use the growing infrastructure for green electricity and hydrogen in Europe
  • We are further expanding our recycling of mineral secondary materials
  • We are continuously working on reducing our energy requirements
  • We regularly have our energy management system externally certified according to ISO 50001
  • We actively involve employees, e.g. through our company suggestion scheme and training courses at the GMH Akademie.
  • We have established a sustainability management system connected to management as an executive department which, together with other management systems, coordinates all sustainability issues
  • We develop steels that enable leaner processes in further processing, which reduces emissions MORE INFORMATION →
  • Our steels also save emissions during their use MORE INFORMATION →
  • We rely on state-of-the-art technologies that clearly go beyond the legal requirements MORE INFORMATION →
  • We use our waste heat for our processes and feed it into district heating networks MORE INFORMATION →

GREEN STEEL innovations


No downstream heat treatment, CO2 savings for customers 

Conrods made from 46MnVS5

10% lighter than C70S6, for efficient, lightweight construction (reduces vehicle emissions)

Tangible sustainability: Our products

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