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GMH Gruppe Code of Conduct

GMH Gruppe considers it an implicit but essential requirement that all laws which apply in the individual jurisdictions within which its companies operate are respected and complied with.

In addition, with this Code of Conduct, we as GMH Gruppe have established a binding set of rules for the way we want to work and what we as GMH Gruppe want to represent. Our Code of Conduct is compulsory for all of our employees, all managers, and all directors. 

It serves as guidance toward our goal of a corporate culture characterized by integrity, respect, and fair, responsible comportment. Furthermore, we transport the corporate values of GMH Gruppe and its individual companies into our daily work. 

Any questions or general information relating to violation of the principles set forth in this Code of Conduct may be reported at any time to the GMH Gruppe Compliance Manager:

Dr. Andreas Geist
Telephone: +49 160 8410256

If desired, all reports of misconduct can be made anonymously. In this case the reporting person is asked to establish a possibility for the recipient of the report to contact the reporting person anonymously, in particular for the purpose of asking expedient follow-up questions. This may be done, for instance, by setting up a neutral email address with one of the commonly used email providers.

GMH Gruppe Code of Conduct

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