Responsibility – GMH Gruppe

Our employees – our greatest asset

We are among the largest employers in our region and for this reason attach special importance to the health and safety of our employees. A whole range of highly effective provisions have been drafted and put into practice to support these aims.

Preventative health care: proactively shaping your own personal future

The best time to take care of your health is now! Our employees have the opportunity of participating in a large range of sporting activities, including health groups, back-care exercise sessions, aquajogging, yoga and Pilates. In addition, we regularly organise interesting presentations on a range of health topics, and also support our employees with work-management and exercise coaching at their place of work. Valuable assistance is also provided to employees looking to give up smoking. Our "Health Corners", where tips are given twice each month on healthy eating, are a special feature of our healthy-nutrition policy. 
Team spirit is at an especially high level at Stahl Judenburg GmbH where health issues are concerned. The project is backed by the company management, the workers’ representatives and the company physician. Company-promoted health management has been a fixed element in everyday life at our company since 2008. 
Also since 2008, Stahl Judenburg has regularly been awarded the Company Health Promotion (BGF) Seal of Quality by the Austrian Network for Workplace Health Promotion for its commitment and its work in assuring sustainability in "Company-supported Health Promotion". 

Safety-at-work: Continuous improvement

In occupational safety, our declared aim is the reduction and ultimate elimination of accidents at the workplace. The Board of Management, the heads of the production plants, the works council, the company doctor, the safety deputies, our safety expert and all employees work hand-in-hand to achieve this on our occupational-safety committee. The committee meets four times each year and is responsible for the continuous improvement of our occupational-safety record.
The individual departments discuss current topics in employee safety every two months in so-called "Safety Deputy Circles". Our "safety and eco points" have, among other innovations, also been introduced: especially committed employees who discover potential hazards for the health and safety of their colleagues or for the environment receive a bonus which they can later cash in together with other points they have accumulated. In addition, a "Personal Protective Equipment" (PPE) catalogue has been drafted and not only defines the personal protective equipment needed for the various trades and occupations within our company, but also provides useful practical tips.