Cut lengths

Cut lengths

Cut lengths (also known as short pieces) are needed whenever high-quality steel bar or bright steel is to be sawn precisely to the customer's dimensional specification. GMH Gruppe is the top address in this field, assuring ultra-tight tolerances and a broad range of grades.

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The terms "short length" and "short piece" denote steel bar, round steel or bright steel which has been sawn precisely to meet the customer's dimensional specification. Here at GMH Gruppe, cut lengths are produced on high-power saws that ensure adherence to ultra-tight tolerances. Cut lengths can be produced in lengths of 50 to 3,000 mm, rolled +AR or peeled +SH.

Production process

The basis for every cut length (short piece) is steel tailor-made from a broad range of grades and subjected to any of a large selection of heat-treatment processes. Every cut length (short piece) can be sawn to a precise length and item weight and to ultra-tight tolerances in our sawing and machining centres. Centring and/or initial machining (chamfering) is also possible.


We produce cut lengths from top-quality steel, tailor-made from more than 500 grades and variants. Customers' requests for tight tolerances and small production runs can easily be accommodated, as can the need for supply of the most diverse range of steels at short notice. And - just as dependable and flexible: our robot-controlled packaging line, which can meet a whole range of packaging requirements.

  • Short production runs possible
  • More than 500 grades and variants
  • Tight weight tolerance

Our supply range

High-quality steel bar/bright steel in lengths from 50 to 3,000 mm

Dimension range Grade Heat treatment Material No.  
18-30 42CrMo(S)4 +QT 1.7225 + 1.7227 Request quotation
31-82 42CrMo(S)4 +QT 1.7225 + 1.7227 Request quotation
82-125 42CrMo(S)4 +QT 1.7225 + 1.7227 Request quotation
18-30 16MnCr(S)5 +FP 1.7131 + 1.7139 Request quotation
31-82 16MnCr(S)5 +FP 1.7131 + 1.7139 Request quotation
82-125 16MnCr(S)5 +FP 1.7131 + 1.7139 Request quotation
18-30 ZF6 +FP 1.7160 Request quotation
31-82 ZF6 +FP 1.7160 Request quotation
82-125 ZF6 +FP 1.7160 Request quotation
18-30 ZF7B +U 1.7168 Request quotation
31-82 ZF7B +U 1.7168 Request quotation
82-125 ZF7B +U 1.7168 Request quotation
18-30 SAE 8620 +FP 1.6523 + 1.6526 Request quotation
31-82 SAE 8620 +FP 1.6523 + 1.6526 Request quotation
82-125 SAE 8620 +FP 1.6523 + 1.6526 Request quotation

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Heat treatment/Peeled-surface tolerance

  • Treated to hardness range (+TH)
  • Quenched and tempered (+QT)
  • Treated to ferrite-pearlite microstructure and hardness range (+FP)
  • Soft annealed (+A)
  • Spheroidising annealing (+AC)
  • Stress-relieving annealing (+SR)
  • h9
  • h10
  • h11
  • h12
  • DIN EN 10060
  • DIN 10277/10278

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