Tool steel

Tool steel

GMH Gruppe tool steels form the basis for high-grade products used in a wide range of highly demanding applications. You will find our steels in use wherever maximum quality, long service-life and expert service are essential.

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Tool steels are used to manufacture the most diverse range of tools, dies and standard parts. To meet the enormous spectrum of in-service demands, we supply tool steels with highly specialised properties and in customised variants: tool steel ingots featuring outstanding polishability and etchability, for example, and in various semi-machined forms, precisely cut to size, or machined and finished to customer drawings.

Production process

We produce our tool steels in the electric arc furnace (EAF) using a carefully blended scrap charge. The cast ingots are forged on one of our open-die forging presses (60 MN or 27 MN). At the customer's request we can also refine the steel in an electroslag remelting (ERS) furnace prior to forging. Tool steel production is rounded off with heat treatment of the ingot and finish-machining of its surface precisely to the customer's specifications.


As the leading tool steel supplier on the market, we supply a very wide range of cast ingots. We produce conventional ingots up to a weight of 76 tonnes and ESR-treated ingots up to 84 tonnes. From more than 300 material grades in over 2,000 variants, we produce customised tool steels of excellent cleanness, in specially developed variants, with extremely homogeneous and fine-grained microstructures, and with high-quality surfaces and sharp edges.

  • Great variety of grades
  • Large ingots with minimal segregation
  • Our experts are quickly on site - worldwide

Our supply range

Our aim is always to meet the customer's wishes as precisely as possible. Tell us how we can help and we'll get back to you fast with an answer. Please request your individual quote here.

Your benefits

  • Pre-heat treated steel
  • EFS annealed
  • Corrosion-resistant

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