Special profiles

Special profiles

We are a globally leading producer of hot-rolled, cold-drawn and semi-finished special steel profiles. Our ultra-high-precision customised profiles are used to make components and finished products in a large and diverse range of industries.

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Special steel profiles play a fundamental role in numerous industries. Mannstaedt, for example, is the first choice supplier for customers in international industries as diverse as automotive, handling-vehicles, storage and handling technology, building and earthmoving equipment, goods vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery. Each and every special profile is a tailor-made product that saves time and expense during further processing and completion and enhances the dimensional accuracy of components. Our tight tolerances set industry standards.

Production process

Hot-rolled, cold-drawn and further processed: we produce a large and diverse range of special profiles - for all conceivable applications - on rolling-lines with a total capacity of 250,000 tonnes, with support from our in-house laboratory and high-performance technologies. Our heavy-gauge rolling-line is used for the rolling of products ranging from 15 kg/m to 180 kg/m, in widths up to 400 millimetres and bar lengths of up to 24 metres, while our light-gauge line produces special profiles which can range from 2 kg/m to 35 kg/m, with widths of a maximum of 180 millimetres and bar lengths up to 18 metres. Our comprehensive know-how covers all facets of metallurgy, engineering, roll design, hot rolling and further processing. 


Our special profiles are tailor-made products, the geometry and chemical composition of which precisely match the customer's specifications. They are individually produced to assure outstanding materials properties, from straightness and flatness, via bar or item length, up to and including outstanding surface quality. To be sure of achieving the best possible solution, options such as drawing, welding, precision sawing to length, blasting, milling and coating/surface finishing are also available in addition to hot rolling. A large series of standardised products round off our portfolio.

  • Product portfolio unique anywhere in the world
  • Large range of steels
  • Weights from 2 kg/m to over 180 kg/m

Our products and services


Material handling

Individual steel profiles for material handling, hot-rolled, drawn or semi-finished.

Hot-rolled mast profiles Request quotation
Cold-drawn mast profiles Request quotation
Standard mast profiles Request quotation
Fork carriages Request quotation
Profiles for front-end equipment Request quotation
Machined mast profiles Request quotation


Automotive industry

Our hot-rolled special profiles provide groundbreaking potentials, our tight tolerances set the industry standard.

Hinge profiles  Request quotation
Sawn hinge profiles  Request quotation


Warehousing and conveying technology

Our hot-rolled and cold-drawn profiles are used in storage rack engineering, in horizontal and vertical conveying and handling systems and in suspended monorails, as well as in power and free (P&F) conveying systems.

Profiles for storage and racking construction Request quotation
Profiles for horizontal and vertical handling systems  Request quotation
Profiles for lifting devices and lifting platforms Request quotation
Crane rails Request quotation


Commercial vehicles industry

For the goods and utility vehicles industry, we supply special profiles for the most diverse range of applications.

Commercial and construction vehicle profiles Request quotation
Axle profiles  Request quotation
Heavy duty wheel profiles Request quotation
Turntables Request quotation


Construction industry

Mannstaedt special profiles assure single-source solutions: diverse and highly complex applications, for innovative products and structures - flexible, effective and safe.

Anchor rails Request quotation
Expansion joints Request quotation
Pipe coupling sections and spigots Request quotation
Locking bars Request quotation
Profiles for facade construction Request quotation


Agricultural machinery

Mannstaedt special profiles are important components for tilling machines and harvesters.

Rasp bar profiles Request quotation
Ploughshare profiles Request quotation
Brackets for forage harvesters and mowers Request quotation
Chain profiles Request quotation

Just tell us your requirements for grade of steel, mechanical properties, bar length and standard length, tolerances, and packing form, along with your annual needs in tonnes, and we will find the best solution for you. Please attach/enclose a drawing/diagram.

Overview of special profiles

  • Forklift mast profiles
  • Hinge profiles
  • Impact bar profiles
  • Expansion joint profiles
  • Profiles for agricultural machinery
  • Facade and building facing profiles
  • Profiles for mining equipment
  • Mining/tunnel support profiles
  • Axle profiles
  • Anchor rails
  • Fork sideshift profiles
  • Rail-mounted vehicle profiles
  • Mechanical engineering profiles
  • Shipbuilding profiles
  • Interlocking profiles
  • Vehicle wheel-hub profiles
  • Frame profiles
  • Ploughshare profiles

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