Rotor retaining rings

Rotor retaining rings

Our experts have been producing and continuously further developing rotor retaining rings for more than a century - a store of experience that has made us the leader on the world market. By withstanding the enormous forces that occur in power generation, our rotor retaining rings serve as the guarantors of safety in turbo-generators.

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Rotor retaining rings are the most heavily loaded components in turbo-generators: they secure the generator's end windings, which rotate at up to 3,600 rpm during the generation of electricity. We use P900 (Material No./DIN Code: 1.3816, ASTM A 289, Class C) – a steel developed by us - to ensure that our rotor retaining rings will withstand the enormous centrifugal forces occurring in this application.

Production process

Our rotor retaining rings are fabricated within the close-knit network of GMH Gruppe: high-quality steel is remelted in highly efficient electroslag remelting (ESR) furnaces and shaped in our open-die forging facilities. Rough-turned, heat treated, cold expanded, stress-relieved, finish turned, ultrasonically and/or dye penetrant inspected, tested and then packed, our rotor retaining rings assure our customers of safety where safety is critical.


Our more than 100 years of experience and the resultant storehouse of experience enable us to produce rotor retaining rings that offer a whole range of advantages, including their high yield strength, good cold and hot forming performance, low thermal expansion, non-magnetisability and high resistance to stress corrosion cracking (SCC).

  • Weight 15 - 4,300 kg
  • Dimensions Ø approx. 430 - 2,300 mm
  • All customer specifications (worldwide)

Our range

High-endurance rotor retaining rings in austenitic steel for generators.

Diameter/Weight Material designation Material No. Material name  
approx. Ø 430-2300 mm and approx. 15-4300 kg P900 1.3816 X8CrMnN18-18 Request quotation


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Jörg Schulze

Sales Director Retaining Rings & HNS