High-nitrogen steels

High-nitrogen steels

High-nitrogen steels (HNS), as Cronidur® 30 developed by Energietechnik Essen GmbH, incorporate unique properties that make them suitable for extremely demanding and safety-critical applications. A wide range of components, including tools, ball bearings, spindles, seamless rings, connecting elements and fixings, for example, and also specialist products, such as medical instruments and implants, plastics moulds, and food process engineering, are made in high-nitrogen steels.

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A steel is considered high-nitrogen if it contains more nitrogen than can be retained in the material by processing at atmospheric pressure. CRONIDUR® 30, one of our high-nitrogen steel grades, is used in aerospace engineering, for example, where it constantly proves its extraordinary in-service performance. Our nickel-free alloy P2000 delivers ultra-high resistance to corrosion and excellent mechanical properties.

Production process

High-nitrogen steel (HNS) is produced using the PESR process, i.e. electroslag remelting under elevated pressure. We process and form our HNS-grade semis in hot-rolling mills, forging presses and on cold-upsetting machines.


'Our high-nitrogen steels (HNS) feature excellent properties, such as ultra-high strength and hardness combined with good toughness, high corrosion-resistance, high-temperature strength, austenite expansion/stabilization, excellent grindability and polishability, superior wear-resistance and high oxide cleanness levels.

  • Customised production
  • PESR
  • Supplied to specifications (SAE AMS 5898, ASTM F 899, UNS S42027)

Our supply range

Cronidur® 30 + HNS 40 HC

Martensitic steel (material number 1.4108 –1.4123).


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Austenitic grades

Austenitic steels nitrogen-alloyed at high pressure.


MaterialMaterial numberMaterial designation 
Steel barsP 900 N1.3815X 8 MnCrN 19 19Request quotation
Steel barsP 900 N + Mo1.4456X 8 CrMnMoN 18 18 2Request quotation
Steel barsP20001.4452X 13 CrMnMoN 18Request quotation
Wire rodP20001.4452X 13 CrMnMoN 18Request quotation
Steel barsP 44721.4472X 4 CrNiMnMo 21 9 4Request quotation
Customized products   Request quotation

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Julia Vogel

Team Manager Sales HNS of Energietechnik Essen GmbH


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