Steel: Ideal properties to meet every need.

Efficiency-enhancing lightweight engineering, high-performance structural solutions, optimum workability and extreme in-service conditions: we supply steels for every conceivable application.

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Steel: specialised in many ways

The mechanical and plant engineering sector is often referred to as the backbone of the German economy. And there is no arguing about the fact that steel is the backbone of the companies active in this sector. Hardly any other material is as versatile and highly specialised at the same time as steel. Steel’s great variety of properties makes it suitable to meet virtually any customer requirement:  Even under most demanding industrial conditions, steel is a top performer with an unlimited potential for further development. Whether it be extreme hardness, high mechanical strength, defined levels of oxide cleanliness, excellent formability, good weldability, high corrosion resistance or perfectly homogeneous microstructure – the great variety of properties and its diverse delivery forms make steel an indispensible material in practically all industries.


Tool steels produced exactly to our customers’ requirements to match the individual conditions of the ultimate application are one of our main specialities. Our steels are used, for example, for the manufacture of components for the die-casting and injection-moulding industries (automotive, electronics, consumer goods) and, as optimised steels, for the manufacture of rolls subjected to extremely high in-service stresses. These steels are notable for key properties such as in-service hardness, tensile strength, resistance to wear, chipping and corrosion, workability and polishability – and for the extreme dimensional accuracy of components manufactured using our steels.


For customers in the energy and heavy-machinery sectors, our forging shops supply components that withstand enormous in-service loads -  components for gigantic high-output engines, for example, crankshafts and rolled rings. These forging shops are notable, in particular, for their high productivity and great precision in adherence to customer specifications.

Top performers

A good example of the performance and durability of our material developments is the steel produced by Georgsmarienhütte GmbH for the production of round-bar conveyor chains. Thanks to our steel, these chains withstand the whole range of stresses encountered in lifting and conveying operations. Such chains exhibit extremely high resistance to the most diverse forms of corrosion, and also assure high mechanical strength and toughness.


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Capabilities that inspire trust


Its great variety of properties make steel the material of choice for mechanical and plant engineering companies. Our material development specialists deploy numerous simulation and data-mining techniques to calculate the ideal steel properties rapidly and exactly.


Our steels and products very often have to perform under extremely exacting conditions. For precisely this reason, we never ever accept any compromises where quality is concerned. Our comprehensive quality management system, combined with the know-how and profound expertise of our experienced employee teams, are the guarantee that our customers receive only excellent products and services - every time, without exception. 

Locational advantages

Our core market is Europe, so we are also geographically close to our customers. Europe's excellent transport infrastructure enables us to secure additional competitive advantages for our customers, including high delivery reliability and flexibility. We are working unceasingly to further enhance our processes and logistics.


Steel is virtually 100% recyclable. This alone makes it a highly sustainable engineering material. At the same time, our steels are rapidly becoming ever stronger and ever lighter, enabling structures to become ever more slender. In this way, we play our part in conserving resources and energy in production, and in cutting emissions of greenhouse gases.

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Stay up to date on what is going on at GMH Gruppe - with our quarterly Newsletter. In addition, you may subscribe to the special-focus editions of our Newsletter (max. 2 issues per year).