TOP A-level supplier

TOP A-level supplier

Georgsmarienhütte is a preferred supplier of feed material

Georgsmarienhütte GmbH is TOP A-level supplier for feed and input material for the automotive industry. This is clearly demonstrated by evaluations performed in 2020 by OEMs, forging companies and system suppliers. Georgsmarienhütte, a long-established partner, convinced in numerous categories in its daily activities.

Customers benefit from the ultra-high precision of Georgsmarienhütte GmbH's products and processes, as is evidenced by consistently top evaluations by OEMs, system suppliers and forging companies in the automotive industry, ranging from "A-level" up to "No. 1 supplier of steel". The impartial evaluation of GMH's business relations takes the form not of an "instantaneous picture" but instead assesses at regular intervals our daily performance in, generally, long-established partnerships with the automotive industry.

"We wish to express our most sincere thanks for our top-grade A-level evaluation and for our selection as No. 1 steel supplier."

Oliver Santelli, Marketing/Sales and Logistics Director, Georgsmarienhütte GmbH

Numerous categories, top results

Fast, flexible, productive and dependable – we adopted these maxims for our daily work as a steel supplier some good time ago. Evaluations in numerous diverse categories confirm to us that we meet the growing demands and requirements of our customers with the very greatest precision. This is indicated by assessments as a feed-material supplier in categories such as quality, communications, logistical performance, technological development activities, process reliability and documentation.

Feed material for the automotive industry

  • We propel lightweight solutions ahead, in components for the powertrain and running gear of both cars and commercial vehicles, for example
  • Our project teams are already working on new materials for electromobility, including hybrid cars, for instance
  • We are developing, together with our customers, new and energy-saving formulations such as, for example, our bainitic 16MnCrV7-7 forging steel.

Fit for the future!

We attach special importance to long-term business relations and equitable cooperation. This facilitates everyone's daily work and enables us to jointly boost the quality of products and grow to meet the challenges of the future. We are already working on pragmatic solutions and trailblazing developments for the megatrends of the future: CO2-neutral steel production, flexible feed-material logistics for automotive applications, electromobility, lightweighting and development of new materials.  

Steel – for tomorrow's mobility

In cooperation with our customers we are developing and producing groundbreaking solutions to achieve safe, sustainable, lightweight mobility. This enables us to save resources, improve the overall efficiency of the final product, and exhaustively exploit the potentials of lightweight engineering.


Decarbonisation pioneer in the steel industry: With GREEN STEEL, we’re one step ahead when it comes to sustainability.

More about our GREEN STEEL

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Dr. Thomas Wurm

Head of Technical Customer Support and Application Development Georgsmarienhütte GmbH