Steelmaking plant: simulation assures optimised processes

Steelmaking plant: simulation assures optimised processes

Data-mining for tailor-made steel

Georgsmarienhütte GmbH utilises a simulation software package developed in cooperation with external experts. The package aids us in greatly optimising the development and production of steel and steel products in our steelmaking plant.

The production of steel involves a high level of complexity, right through from the hot metal to the finished steel. All facets of these processes must be continuously monitored, controlled and scientifically optimised to ensure that the products we make have the properties that precisely meet our customers' requirements. 

Here, Georgsmarienhütte GmbH's own simulation software and data-mining methods assure that solutions are found fast. The data collected before, during and after production is used to predict precisely the end results of our development and production processes ("prescriptive analytics").

The benefits of simulation and data-mining:

  • Prediction of microstructure and materials properties in real time
  • Use of precision models to enhance development and production processes
  • Significant cost and work savings thanks, for example, to the need for fewer rolling tests

From model to steel bar

The simulation software developed by both Georgsmarienhütte GmbH's own and external experts makes it possible, for example, to predict with great accuracy the properties of the steel bar product as a function of the various possible rolling processes.

The accuracy and repeatability of the predicted product properties are assured by means of a comprehensive data-mining process. Data from the rolling-mill is prepared using a combination of statistical, informatics, machine-learning and artificial-intelligence methods in such a way that the microstructure and materials properties of hot-rolled bar steels under various process conditions can be forecast.


is the scale on which the alternative processes can be simulated – using process data digitally transmitted from the rolling-mill straight into our IT system.

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