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We meet the growing demands made on construction industry companies – especially where sustainability is concerned.

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The material for a dynamic industry

Enormous demands are made on the modern  construction industry. The materials used in structures such as bridges, stations and industrial buildings not only have to constantly withstand mechanical loads, perform their design functions and look good. The construction process also has to meet ever rising sustainability criteria. 
And this is where our tailor-made solutions in steel come in. Our steels, precisely optimised to meet the demands of the application, our customised solutions and the use of a durable, 100% recyclable material enable us to make future-viable solutions possible for our construction industry customers.

Resources efficiency

Steel - the very material itself is extraordinarily efficient. Steel delivers great durability and makes long-lasting structures possible without even the slightest need for any other building materials. We also offer our customers extremely high levels of prefabrication. In this way, we not only reduce waste during fabrication, we also make construction projects faster and more flexible.

Energy efficiency

We use energy as economically as possible, on each and every project. In the development of tailor-made input materials, for example. Wherever rational, we deploy an interdisciplinary approach based on simulation and data-mining. These assist us in achieving optimum utilisation of production processes and equipment.

Process efficiency

Every operation that is eliminated saves resources, energy and time. The same applies to the components we fabricate for the building industry. Our hot-rolled special sections, for example, deliver single-source solutions and make it possible to dispense with time-consuming work such as the welding together of two individual plates.

GMH Gruppe's products and services

New materials concepts, new technologies, new components – whatever the solution our customers are looking for, in close cooperation with them, we'll find the best answer. From technological development, up to and including the finished product, we know that we always deliver unparalleled quality, always boost the overall efficiency of products and always use resources efficiently.

We supply services and products that precisely meet the needs of our customers in industry. The broad spectrum of potentials available to us within the high-power GMH Gruppe enables us to find the solutions even to extremely specialised problems. From feed materials, via forged, cast and rolled components such as interlocking and expansion joint profiles, up to and including steels treated to assure corrosion resistance, we deliver what the global construction industry needs.

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Technologies to meet future challenges

For our customers, we are not only the partner of choice, we are also enablers and pioneering thinkers. Learn what drives us here.

Use of waste heat in the steel industry

This enables us to save many tonnes of CO2 emissions every year.

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The Bous steel mill: new filter installation

State of the art.

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Capabilities that inspire trust


Our Schmiedewerke Gröditz forging facilities validate our claim to make no compromises where quality and precision are concerned. For the ITER nuclear reactor - yet another global-level project - our experts fabricated not only thirty-five forged radial plates with item weights of around 25 tonnes, they also supplied the highly complex hammer forgings for the so-called vacuum vessel – high-tech executed to ultra-demanding technical specifications.

Waste-heat recovery and utilisation

At our facilities in Georgsmarienhütte and Gröditz we have further refined sophisticated technologies to ensure the most efficient possible use of the unavoidable waste heat yielded in steel mills – for utilisation both in our production plants and for feeding of surplus process heat into the regional district heating system. Even our steelmaking plant in Georgsmarienhütte alone saves an annual 1500 tonnes of CO2 in this way. This has earned it high acclaim from the German Energy Agency (dena) as a "Beacon of energy-efficient use of waste heat".


Energy-efficiency and climate protection are necessary in the steel industry, too. Efficient use of waste heat in our facilities is a strategy that we implement consistently and successfully. All the other demands made on us are equally exacting, however, and we are working unceasingly on the optimisation of our production processes and logistical procedures. In addition to this, our production activities take place exercising the greatest possible care to ensure maximum conservation of natural resources: for this reason, for example, we have in place an ultra-efficient recycling system, because: Steel is 100% recyclable.

Locational advantages

The high-power GMH Gruppe networks more than twenty individual steel-industry companies. Our objective: to exploit synergies in order to arrive quickly, flexibly and individually at exactly the right solution. Here at GMH, steel production, processing, application technology, research and development mesh intimately into one another. And for our energy-sector customers, we are also geographically close - our core market is Europe, where a robust and dependable infrastructure assures indisputable competitive advantages, including high delivery reliability and flexibility.

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