Value stream: Increasingly sustainable

Value stream: Increasingly sustainable

Climate-friendly logistics at our Georgsmarienhütte site, as well as new materials, save emissions by the tonnes.

Recycling, meltshop, bright steel production and CNC components in one place – our Georgsmarienhütte site is one example of how intelligent logistics can make steel significantly greener. All the more when new materials arise on short routes that can help save on additional emissions in lightweight construction or further processing.

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short route logistics

Scrap recycling, steel production, and further processing of the steel at one site – with short transport and freight routes, it’s how we save emissions by the tonnes and relieve pressure on the roads. It’s how we save the climate around 4,000 truck trips a year with the production of our approximately 100,000 tonnes of bright steel alone. In addition, we have no problem obtaining 90% of our raw material scrap regionally by railway and 10% by truck from the surrounding area. This also ensures a better quality of life in our home country. We also deliver our materials to our customers by railways wherever possible, to relieve roads and motorways. 

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Innovative materials reduce emissions

With new materials, we make our customers’ products and processes more sustainable; for example, components from our 46MnVS5 can be designed to be slimmer, contributing to lightweight construction. This saves on weight and reduces vehicle fuel consumption. Our bainitic steel 16MnCrV7-7 supersedes process steps such as quenching and tempering. This saves further energy and emissions.

Tangible sustainability: Our products

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Luciana Filizzola

Director Sustainability and Communications