Our commitment – GMH Gruppe

Our commitment

We set ourselves extremely high standards in the protection of the climate and our environment. We also have in place comprehensive provisions for safety-at-work and for the protection of our employees' health and wellbeing.


By continuously optimising our processes and purchasing energy-efficient products and services, we are able to improve our energy-efficiency and increase our energy performance. Our energy team audits the company's energy performance at regular intervals, evaluates the results and proposes changes. In addition, the use of alternative and renewable energies is reviewed and analysed. During this process we systematically keep an eye on our energy goals from the energy planning and work on achieving these goals, while our key energy indicators are used as a control instrument to effectively detect deviations. Our energy management implementation plan forms the basis of meeting our energy goals. Systematic training is also provided to raise our employees' awareness of energy matters.


Environmental protection for the sustainable development and assurance of humanity's future is an essential element of our management system. We are committed to the continuous analysis of our production and products for their environmental impact and for the efficient use of resources. Our aim here is the avoidance or at least the greatest possible minimisation of environmental burdens and the maximum possible conservation of our planet's resources. We regularly review and analyse our ecological performance, in order to continually locate and exploit potentials for improvement and thus also continuously enhance our environmental performance. Our employees are systematically integrated into the responsible handling and use of natural resources and of our facilities. Wherever economically rational, these provisions also include, in particular, the reduction - wherever possible, the elimination - of environmental burdens at source.

Health and safety at work

Health and safety at work are the top priority at WSK. Safety at work must be firmly integrated into working life – all the time, everywhere. We are continuously investing in occupational safety provisions, controls and checks, and also training courses for our employees in the safety hazards at their specific workplaces - and much, much more. Health management augments and complements occupational safety. Our employees are our company's greatest asset; this is why the active protection and promotion of their health is our top priority. This is reflected in health training days, back-health courses, workplace inspections and similar provisions. We are committed to finding and minimising safety and health hazards, eliminating their causes and assuring health and safety by means of well planned safety measures. This is a continuous and ongoing process which is implemented every day under the responsibility of the Occupational Safety Officer with the full support of all levels of management.