Responsibility – GMH Gruppe

Sustainability - our constant guide

Our responsibility for our employees, the environment and the climate are a permanent and fully integrated part of our corporate policy. Learn here how we live and monitor this responsibility.

Health & Safety

Industrial safety can only succeed if it is lived in practice by every employee everywhere and at all times. We heighten our employees' sensitivity for this topic in regular training sessions that focus on the hazards and risks at their workplaces and in their specific activities. We are constantly investing in provisions for the systematic enhancement of our occupational health and safety performance. Consistent inspections and a designated Health and Safety Officer are other key elements in our safety strategy. The overriding objective: attainment of our zero-accident target, everywhere, all the time. Our safety provisions are also backed up by a health management system specifically designed to assist employees to keep fit and healthy on a long-term basis.

Environment and climate

For us ecology and business are mutually complementary. This is reflected, for example, in the fact that vital aspects such as energy- and resources efficiency are always a prime focus from the very start of all company processes and projects. We take these responsibilities extremely seriously, throughout all sectors of the company: our energy management system is audited and certified in accordance with DIN ISO 50001, our environment management in accordance with DIN ISO 14001. The corresponding Schmiedag GmbH certificates can be found in our download area - or just click here.