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Integration solutions

Ever more complex system landscapes and high demands for the availability of the overall system necessitate ultra-high precision in the integration of the individual elements. Our experts use "SAP Process Integration" and "SAP Process Orchestration" to interlink processes on a supra-system basis and to make contents transparent and ultra-available.

From the integration of SAP, MES and PDA systems, SAP SuccessFactors, Microsoft SharePoint and mobile applications (scanners, tablets, Smartphones, etc.), up to and including EDI and invoicing services, applications take place for each scenario internally and externally from the viewpoint of the user interfaces or individually developed backend systems and other manufacturers’ integration solutions. 

Potential applications

The software can, in general, be used for four scenarios:

  • Integration of company-internal applications (Application to Application, or "A2A")
  • Integration of business partners (Business to Business, or "B2B")
  • Interoperability using third-party middleware
  • Service-enabling of older IT solutions for implementation of a fully consistent SOA 

Use of SAP Process Orchestration 

SAP Process Integration/SAP Process Orchestration enables you to: 

  • Accelerate process innovations via development and/or use of enterprise services 
  • Link applications and data sources by integrating processes via the XML standard and web services 
  • Develop APIs and publicise them both internally and externally

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