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GMH Recycling GmbH supplies GMH Gruppe steel mills and foundries, along with other customers around the globe, with high-grade, efficiently and safely prepared steel, non-ferrous (NF) and alloyed scrap, plus iron and steel plant byproducts. For this purpose we offer a comprehensive portfolio in the field of scrap preparation ranging from comminution, via briquetting, up to and including bailing.

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Recycling & Services - Our portfolio

Scrap and recycled metallurgical byproducts for highly versatile uses

GMH Recycling GmbH supplies recycled steel, special-grade and non-ferrous scrap in grades optimally suited for their intended use. This is guaranteed by our dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced employees.

Steel scrap

Our unalloyed steel scrap is used without any further preparation as raw material in steel mills.

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Special-grade scrap

We reduce iron-containing byproducts from iron and steelmaking in our various comminution facilities to weights and sizes suitable for direct charging.

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Foundry scrap

We supply foundries with recycled feed material (scrap) perfectly tailored to their specific needs.

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Alloyed steel scrap

Alloyed steel scrap contains – in addition to iron – other elements, which are added to enhance the material’s temperature and corrosion resistance.

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NF-metals scrap

Our portfolio includes all non-ferrous (NF) metals scrap.

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Grinding sludges

In our briquetting plant, we recycle grinding sludges into feed material for steel mills.

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Recycling & Services – Our services

Efficient recycling, top-grade scrap

In addition to the supply of recycled feed materials, safely and optimally reprocessed for the intended use, we provide an extensive range of scrap-processing services. Using high-performance facilities and the skills and experience of our highly committed employees, we reprocess steel and non-ferrous scrap, precious metals and other metallic waste into valuable, high-grade recycled feed materials for steel mills, foundries and other metallurgical plants.


We buy and sell steel, stainless steel and precious metals scrap, and ferroalloys for steel mills, foundries and other metallurgical plants.

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Transport and logistics

Thanks to our high-efficiency logistics systems, our customers can rest assured that they receive exactly the feed material they need, in the required quality, quantity and on time.

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In our comminution facilities we recycle a very wide range of materials to customer specifications in terms of size and weight.

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Secondary resources with a future

Efficiency assures quality

GMH Recycling GmbH provides a comprehensive portfolio of scrap-preparation activities, including the associated services, and ranging from steel, foundry and special-grade scrap, alloyed scrap, up to and including iron-containing steel plant byproducts and non-ferrous metals. Our know-how assures the efficiency of our customers' processes and the quality of their end products. In each individual case, we use the best available technology for the preparation of these resources in the recycling process: reliably and sustainably.

Versatility and service

We supply top-grade recycled feed materials to steel mills and foundries: ranging from steel scrap, via NF metals and alloyed scrap, up to and including special-grade scrap - prepared safely, dependably and efficiently every time. Our scrap-processing services extend from the purchasing and sale of scrap, via its (contract/toll) preparation, up to and including dependable logistics.

Commitment and sustainability

We always act with an awareness of our responsibility for the future. Binding rules are an essential element for us in this context. Only in this way can we live up to our large range of responsibilities.

Facilities and processes

Our efficient recycling systems enable us to contribute to the creation, from a large range of differing scrap types, of infinitely recyclable feed materials for the steel and foundry industry and for other metallurgical plants. GMH Recycling GmbH utilises for this purpose technologies which make possible efficient processes and the best and most suitable preparation route for the primary materials supplied.

Scrap storage and handling

Our various locations have a combined capacity for the storage of more than one hundred thousand tonnes of scrap. We are thus able to stock large quantities of the most diverse range of scrap grades, enabling us to meet even short-notice orders. Orderly and easily comprehensible storage and classification permit pure-fraction separation of the various types and grades of scrap.

The scrap is stored on appropriately hardened surfaces which prevent any contamination of the soil or groundwater by pollutants emitted from the scrap. Precipitation water is routed through modern separator systems in order to prevent the contamination of downstream wastewater systems. Cranes, excavators, wheel-loaders, powered floor-level handling machines and full-size trucks are used for handling. We are thus able to load or tranship large volumes within extremely short times. Our storage facilities are easily accessible by road, by rail and, in some cases, by water.

Briquetting plant for treatment of grinding sludge

The challenge in reprocessing iron-containing grinding sludges is found in making them efficiently usable for downstream industries. Our briquetting plant produces briquettes from steel cutting swarf and grinding sludges. These briquettes possess extremely high mechanical strength and are used as recycled feed materials in electric-steel furnaces. For this purpose, the sludges are firstly blended with steel cutting swarf and then compacted at high pressure into briquettes. The emulsions and residual liquids expelled are further processed in our downstream separation system, while the oil residues are thermally valorised.

Bailing press

The preparation technologies used at GMH Recycling GmbH include a press which is used to produce bailed scrap. The feed material here takes the form of fresh scrap from the steel-using industries and packaging scrap from other sources. The aim of press-compaction of these frequently voluminous feed materials is that of permitting their use in the steel and foundry industry by reducing their volume and thus simplifying handling as a whole.

Drop-weight crusher for precisely in-spec comminution

Efficient, safe and reliable: large-volume casting scrap, steel and hot-metal ladle skulls are comminuted where necessary in our drop-weight crushers. Here, the comminution process utilises the kinetic energy liberated by dropping a ten-tonne crusher ball onto the material, which is positioned on an anvil table, from a height of 10 metres. We make use of computer-assisted targeting systems and the specific properties of the materials in order to comminute the feed material precisely as needed and remove adhering slag from the steel and iron components. In this way, the useful feed materials are again made accessible for the purposes of the steel and foundry industry. During operation, the drop-weight crushers are closed on all sides and at the top. This ensures that no material can escape and also that the applicable noise-abatement requirements are met.

Torch-cutting enclosures with modern filter system

Our aim is to make every recycling process as safe and sustainable as possible. Flame-cutting torches are therefore used in our four torch-cutting enclosures for the comminution of voluminous items of scrap, in order to prepare the material in conformity to the customer's specifications. A modern waste-air filtration system consisting of 770 filter bags cleans 140,000 m³/h of waste air, to ensure that no particulates (“dust”) or gases can escape into the environment. We thus better the requirements of the German Clean Air Act (TA-Luft) significantly. We also use thermic lances in our torch-cutting enclosures, in order to prepare large, heavy items of scrap for further comminution in our blasting bunker.

Blasting bunker

Our blasting bunker takes the form of a monolithic reinforced-concrete structure set down into the earth and charged with heavy scrap items using a crane. The blastholes for the explosive cartridges, which have previously been bored into the element to be comminuted under the torch-cutting enclosure, are then charged complete with the detonator and the explosive. The blasting bunker is then closed with a movable roof weighing 360 t and the explosion remotely initiated.

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