Corporate social responsibility – GMH Gruppe

Our greatest business achievement

A successful shared future

GMH Gruppe does not regard itself as a business alliance focused solely on maximising profits. GMH Gruppe embraces its responsibilities – towards society as a whole, and towards its employees. This philosophy is reflected in and actively communicated by the "Stiftung Stahlwerk Georgsmarienhütte" (Georgsmarienhütte Steel Plant Foundation).

The foundation’s mission is to promote and strengthen positive ties between businesses and society in education, culture and community projects. It supports initiatives that make a lasting contribution to social cohesion and coexistence, both regionally and nationally. Moreover, the "Stiftung Stahlwerk Georgsmarienhütte" awards bursaries to students. 

From people – for people

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is part of the DNA of Germany’s medium-sized businesses. In addition to our support for social, cultural and community projects, we seek to provide fresh impetus to the local business environments in which we operate, with the goal of improving the structure of the economy and promoting equal opportunities. Direct local involvement of GMH Gruppe companies has a tangible impact: we support a wide variety of social, cultural and sports programmes, with the initiative often coming from our own workforce.

Health and safety

Our business is industrial in nature, with a clear emphasis on guaranteeing the highest possible standards of health and safety. But those standards need to be actively implemented – in all areas, and at all times. For this reason, the Group invests in safety measures, proactive checks and inspections, ongoing training of work safety officers, and much more besides. In 2008, a group-wide health management project was launched. This complements our work safety activities, and goes far beyond simply safeguarding employee health. The project is implemented on a company-by-company basis.