A united team – GMH Gruppe

A united team – the basis for our success

GMH Gruppe is a family-owned business, traditionally involved in steel, forging and casting. It is a tradition we are happy and proud to continue. And to remain successful going forward, we need to recruit both fresh talent and seasoned professionals – for roles in production, engineering, innovation, and business administration.

Corporate culture

The values that underpin our day-to-day activities – and how our employees benefit.

The way we work

Employee development

We are fully committed to ensuring a motivated workforce and treating them with respect.

How we help you get ahead

That’s us

Just as our employees shape our company and give it its unique cast, their stories define them as people.

Who we are

Advice for job applicants

To help you successfully apply for employment at GMH Gruppe, we have some words of advice.

What we are looking for


An at-a-glance collection of questions that we frequently encounter – with answers designed to help you submit the best possible application.

Our answers to your questions