Employee development – GMH Gruppe

As a member of our team, you’re on our side

As your employer, we’re on yours

We believe in promoting your personal growth, as it is inextricably linked to our growth as a business. As a result, we do not see your professional qualifications as being the end of the educational road, but the beginning. For us, ongoing skills development opportunities are just that – ongoing.

New recruits to GMH Gruppe can look forward to a structured and comprehensive onboarding process, geared to the specific company, site and department. Because we want to be sure that new members of the team feel welcome from day one. 

Trainee programmes

GMH Gruppe offers young people wishing to enter the world of work the opportunity to embark on a trainee programme at business unit or Group level. These programmes are very consciously anything but off-the-peg: the structure, content and choice of host departments are tailored to the needs of the individual.

Training courses and ongoing skills development

Ongoing skills development is key to the success of each individual employee, and to the success of GMH Gruppe as a whole. This can include team building, one-to-one coaching, and conventional training in the form of seminars and workshops. Our aim is to strengthen the skills of all GMH Gruppe employees. Activities are carefully designed to meet real-world needs, and range from courses on technology basics to self-defined e-learning programmes. 

Systematic development programs

Our development programs are interlinked and support our employees in their development. In this context, we place great emphasis on the close interconnection with the work-related challenges of our employees and promote networking beyond the immediate boundaries of their companies.

We operate an in-house two-year programme to prepare young up-and coming talent with university degrees or other suitable qualifications for future leadership or other key roles. Systematic training courses and one-to-one coaching sessions allow us to promote personal development in a targeted way. We create networking opportunities, and enable participants to gain insights into operations at other Group companies, and to take part in a wide variety of projects. We are confident that this programme provides our employees with the inspiration and motivation required to make the most of their potential.