VTK Krieglach

A company of the Steel Processing business unit

High-quality high-tech components

As part of GMH Gruppe, VTK Krieglach GmbH is one of the leading specialists in finishing for electroplating technology. The company prepares custom galvanic surfaces for components.

As a subsidiary of Stahl Judenburg GmbH and part of GMH Gruppe, VTK Krieglach stands for high-quality processing of components using electroplating technology. At VTK Krieglach, we provide custom finishing solutions that fulfil all our customers’ requirements and wishes – from optimum corrosion protection to a refined product aesthetic. In addition to experience and expertise, it is the variety of processes that leads to a successful solution. Our employees possess a wealth of specialist knowledge, particularly in the processes for bright zinc plating, alkaline zinc plating and the necessary passivation, including sealing.

Plants to process orders of any size

At VTK Krieglach, we process around 800 tonnes of steel per month. In the field of electroplating, we place great importance on maximum precision, which is how we achieve the excellent protection values, the required aesthetics and the adhesive or sliding characteristics of the steels. In our modern plants, we finish materials like steel, copper, aluminium and bronze to order – from large orders on our four fully automatic plants to small and special orders on our two manual plants.

Products for a wide range of applications 

VTK Krieglach’s products comply with international standards and the specific requirements of the customer. As such, they are used as high-tech components in the automotive industry, the commercial vehicles sector, and engine and plant construction. For us, reliability, flexibility and commitment are just as important as punctuality and supplying the required level of quality.


VTK Krieglach GmbH Headquarter

Eisenhammerstraße 7
A-8670 Krieglach

  • Phone: +49 3855 4010-352

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Daniela Sonnleitner

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Meister Instandhaltung der Veredlungstechnik Krieglach GmbH

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Warenannahme und -auslieferung, Qualitätskontrolle der Veredelungstechnik Krieglach GmbH

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Umwelttechnik-Abwasser-Sicherherheitsvertrauensperson der Veredelungstechnik Krieglach GmbH

Anita Mock

Assistentin der Geschäftsführung und Einkauf der Veredelungstechnik Krieglach GmbH

Andreas Jauk

Oberflächentechniker-Meister der Veredelungstechnik Krieglach GmbH


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