Stahlwerk Bous GmbH

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Customized steel

Stahlwerk Bous supplies semi-finished products to a variety of industries. The plant, which is part of GMH Gruppe, supplies forges and rolling mills all over the world with steel that is characterised by an extremely flexible metallurgical concept and by melt sizes that are precisely tailored to the customer’s needs.

Maximum flexibility and precision are required when it comes to fulfilling the ever-changing requirements of our customers. Our products are the result of a multi-faceted metallurgical concept that offers many advantages, including high analytical precision, precise temperature control in the ladle and a homogeneous melt. We supply forges throughout the world with more than 800 steel items and an extremely high degree of purity. Our steel has a chrome content of up to 16 percent and a nickel content up to 4 percent. 

The right format for any requirement 

We are a reliable supplier of semi-finished products, a producer of high-quality steel products and the market leader for ingots in Germany. Above all, however, we provide our customers with steel that matches their exact requirements. Our ingot and continuous casting formats, for example, are tailor-made for rolling mills, which allows our customers to make seamless pipes for mechanical engineering and for boiler and pipeline construction. We are also a specialist provider for open-die forging and ring rolling, which are used in wind turbines and in sectors such as the rail industry, system construction and mechanical engineering.

High quality – from order placement to the finished product

At Stahlwerk Bous GmbH, we always want to find the best solution for our customers. We ensure that we do so by using a comprehensive quality management system, which spans from order placement to the semi-finished or complete product. With high-tech facilities and the combined expertise and dedication of our employees, we implement the wishes of our customers. We work closely with them and utilise the expertise of the entire GMH Gruppe to find new solutions, from innovative material development to new production options and custom products. 


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66359 Bous

  • Phone: +49 6834 81-1

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Patrick Rösch

Managing Director at Stahlwerk Bous GmbH

Dr. Jürgen Loh

Managing Director at Stahlwerk Bous GmbH


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