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Components with drive

Schmiedag GmbH produces drop-forged parts made of non-alloy steels, high-alloy steels and special materials. The company, which is part of GMH Gruppe, produces components for sectors such as the large engine industry, the commercial vehicles industry, the mechanical engineering sector and the automotive industry.

The basis for Schmiedag GmbH’s high-quality products is formed by the combination of cutting-edge forging technology and the expertise and precision of dedicated employees to fulfil individual customer requirements. Using modern production plants, we manufacture drop-forged parts made of non-alloy steels, high-alloy steels and special materials. 

Maximum process efficiency

Maximum efficiency is important to us. We achieve this by working closely with our customers, and with GMH Gruppe experts and partners, as well as by implementing networked systems and a high degree of automation. This helps us to keep our paths short, even in the process chain. As a result, we reliably and punctually deliver products to our customers in Germany and all around the world.
These products include components for energy and offshore technology, the commercial vehicles sector, mechanical engineering and the automotive industry. While offering both small and large production runs, our focus is on components with a unit weight of between 5 and 450 kilograms. Mechanical preparation and finishing, assembly, heat treatment technology and welding processes are also included in our range of services. 

Collaboration breeds quality 

Our high-quality tool shop is foundational to the quality of our forged parts. Our employees in die block pre-machining, on the lathes and mills, in tool assembly and in the drop forge all partner with specialists in the forging process to achieve this level of quality. Schmiedag GmbH has an extensive fleet of units and plants at its disposal for hot working in its drop forge, including equipment with powerful presses and forging hammers. Comprehensive mechanical production plants round off our range of plants. We use these to machine ready-to-install forged parts and we deliver them pre-assembled.


Schmiedag GmbH Headquarter

Grüntaler Str. 11
58089 Hagen

  • Phone: +49 2331 128-0

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Boris Roder

Head of Quality management at Schmiedag GmbH

Martin Karmann

Head of Human Resources at Schmiedag GmbH

Heinz Klenen

Technischer Geschäftsführer der Schmiedag GmbH

Michael Wolf

Plant management at Schmiedag GmbH

Volker Berghold

Head of Technical department / R & D at Schmiedag GmbH

Ulrich Osterhoff

Head of Finance, Controlling and IT at Schmiedag GmbH

Detlef Beier

Head of Maintenance of industrial health and safety standards / Environment protection at Schmiedag GmbH

Axel Marten

Head of Materials engineering at Schmiedag GmbH

Martina Wülfrath

PA to the managing director, fairs and communications at Schmiedag GmbH

Heinz Klenen

Managing director at Schmiedag GmbH

Mathias Lampl

Key Account Manager at Schmiedag GmbH

Wolfgang Böddecker

Key Account Manager at Schmiedag GmbH

Udo Rick

Head of Sales at Schmiedag GmbH

Thomas Gleim

Key Account Manager at Schmiedag GmbH

Detlef Müller

Head of Purchasing department at Schmiedag GmbH


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