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Pioneering precision

MVO GmbH is among the world’s leading manufacturers of components for car steering systems. As a GMH Gruppe company, MVO produces high-quality parts such as ready-to-install steering racks, gear shafts and common-rail components.

MVO GmbH is one of the few companies in the pioneering automotive steering systems sector that can look back on decades of experience. One of MVO’s particular strengths in this regard is its ready-to-install steering racks, which are manufactured individually and with maximum precision. They have a variable tooth geometry for all gear ratios and an extremely wide range of tooth rack shapes. We work together with our customers to find the best solution for each situation – always making optimum use of all the conventional materials, as well as our employees.

Quality from production to shipment

Well-known automotive manufacturers and steering systems companies have been working with us successfully for many years. Together with Stahl Judenburg GmbH and GMH Blankstahl GmbH as well as GMH Gruppe’s other partners and experts, we develop optimised materials solutions for short pieces and semi-finished products. We are a world leader in prototype manufacturing when it comes to steering racks for car steering systems. We consider quality very important in everything we do. As a supplier to the automotive industry, we are certified in accordance with TS16949. Dedicated employees and modern technology guarantee that our quality assurance is applied along the entire process chain, from receipt of the raw materials to shipment of the end product.

Services – from the prototype to after-sales assistance

As an important supplier to the automotive sector, we offer a wide range of solutions and drive the industry forward with innovative products. In addition to our i-variable forged steering racks, for example, we also produce i-constants, as well as blanks, semi-finished products and small series. On top of this, we also assist our customers in the after-sales process. We develop prototypes using modern technology, always with a view to the marketability of the development.


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Nikolaus-Otto-Str. 1
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  • Phone: +49 7171 10424-0

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