GMH Blankstahl GmbH

A company of the Steel Processing business unit

Bright steel that meets the highest standards

GMH Blankstahl GmbH is one of Europe’s leading producers of bright steel products. Our steel is used in steering systems, linear technology, piston rods and in the construction of engines, plants and machinery.

GMH Blankstahl provides bright steel that meets the highest standards in terms of dimensional accuracy, surface finish and quality. During this process, high-quality semi-finished products and a wide range of services form the strong basis for the large variety of industrial products that are produced here with an extremely high degree of precision by dedicated employees. This is added to by our extensive experience and the improvements made to our processes and high-tech expertise over many years, especially in the fields of peeling, straightening/polishing, grinding and sawing.

Maximum flexibility

We also offer two significant prerequisites for top-quality bright steel: short connections and modern production facilities. These aspects allow us to reach the high level of flexibility required in order to provide our customers with the best solutions. We also work together with the GMH Gruppe in order to allow us to focus even more closely on our customers’ requirements – requirements that we reliably turn into reality, thanks to our wide range of material qualities and numerous surface finishes and heat treatments. 

From automotive manufacturing to the energy sector

Our rolled steel bar products make many high-tech applications possible. For example, we plan and produce high-performance components for automotive manufacturing, the commercial vehicles sector, railways systems, engine and plant construction and the energy sector. It is in these areas that our steel shows its mettle: as conrods, pistons or crankshafts; as roller bearings, wheel flanges and steering arms; in drive technology, construction machinery and power generation. 

Questions lead to innovative solutions

GMH Blankstahl GmbH produces steels that comply with not only the most stringent customer requirements in terms of their dimensional accuracy, but also all the relevant national and international standards. Such standards and the sometimes strict sector-specific requirements and tolerances provide our framework. Questions about what the markets and customers of tomorrow will need lead us to new, innovative solutions – with the precision and expertise around which our mission is built. 


GMH Blankstahl GmbH Headquarter

Neue Hüttenstraße 1
49124 Georgsmarienhütte

  • Phone: +49 5401 39-0

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Head of Controlling GeisslerWista GmbH

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Technical director at GMH Blankstahl GmbH

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Operational manager / Customer Technical Service at GMH Blankstahl GmbH

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CFO BU steel processing

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CEO BU steel processing


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