Our most important raw material is expertise

GMH Akademie is an independent company within GMH Gruppe. It offers up-to-date (further) training for persons working in the steel industry – both for those employed by GMH Gruppe and by external companies.

The technologies used in the steel industry are undergoing constant development, especially in times of technological and digital transformation. At GMH Akademie we already take into account the demands that will be placed on the employees of tomorrow today. We offer up-to-date steel industry training as well as further training opportunities that prepare staff for future challenges and continuously expand their knowledge. 

Training as a critical success factor

From workshops to seminars, and from training sessions and one-to-one coaching to team development: The skills gained at GMH Akademie contribute to the success of employees – and thereby to the success of GMH Gruppe as a whole. The educational opportunities we offer are always geared towards specific areas of demand, and include both basic technical training and e-learning modules developed in-house. The GMH Akademie training provision is not only aimed at GMH Gruppe staff, but also the employees of external companies.

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