Energietechnik Essen GmbH

A company of the Forging Technology business unit

Safety goes high-tech

Energietechnik Essen GmbH, a GMH Gruppe company, stands for specialised and safety-related high-tech products, retaining rings and nitrogen-alloyed steels. Research and innovation form the basis for the company’s wide-ranging materials expertise.

This site has been manufacturing retaining rings for over 100 years, so in terms of its production expertise, Energietechnik Essen GmbH is the most experienced company in the world. The retaining rings help to ensure that the increasingly powerful generators used today generate power safely. They also provide solutions for rapid technological progress. 

The company’s strength lies in the area of special alloys with optimised properties for safety-related, high-tech products. Energietechnik Essen GmbH’s nitrogen-alloyed steels are used in a variety of applications, including aeroplane construction, medical technology and high-quality mechanical engineering.

Pressure electro-slag remelting plant

Two remelting units – one electro-slag and one pressure electro-slag remelting plant – are used to produce materials for retaining rings as well as for other high-nitrogen-alloyed, austenitic and ferritic-martensitic special steels for a wide range of dimensions and applications. Using monitored and controlled processes, these two units manufacture remelt ingots with weights of 1,000 to 25,000 kilograms and diameters of 400 to 1,000 millimetres.

For the cold expansion of our retaining rings, we have an expansion press with a pressing force of 60 meganewtons, which can be used to machine workpieces with diameters of up to 2,200 millimetres and heights of up to 1,480 millimetres.

Mechanical machining

Our mechanical machining is designed to suit our retaining ring product. 17 carousel lathes are used for the cutting. The heaviest workpiece weight is 16,000 kilograms, and the maximum diameter is 3,070 millimetres. A centre lathe, several band saws and cutting machines, plus two straightening presses round off our fleet of machines. 

The options of mechanical machining and heat treatment complement Energietechnik Essen GmbH’s range of services.

Modern production plants and constant investment maintain a consistently high quality of products and processes – from development to implementation.


Energietechnik Essen GmbH Headquarter

Westendstr 15
45143 Essen

  • Phone: +49 201 17786-0

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