World-beating innovations in steering technology

High-tech steering racks set new precision standards

Since 2012, GMH Gruppe company Metallverarbeitung Ostalb has been using the patented warm-forging process to produce top-grade components for automotive steering systems. A second, technologically even further refined warm-forging cell now permits new capacities, materials properties and high-precision fine adjustments.

Automotive steering systems are safety-critical and thus demand maximum precision and dimensional accuracy. Metallverarbeitung Ostalb (MVO) has for years now been unshakeably in the lead with its variable tooth geometry steering racks, manufactured using the patented Bishop warm-forging process.

Thanks to the great market success of its steering racks, with demand still on a steep upward curve, MVO has now invested in a second warm-forging cell that impresses not only with its annual capacity of 1.5 million forgings: it also makes it possible to adjust materials properties in the toothing systematically and produce special toothing prototypes with ultra precision. This permits highly innovative projects, such as the manufacture of variable ratio steering racks for the Tesla 3 and Audi's MLB evo.

The benefits of our high-tech warm-forging cell:

The benefits of our high-tech warm-forging cell:

  • Annual production capacity of 1.5 million forgings
  • Systematic adjustment of the materials properties of the toothing
  • Ultra precision in specific toothing prototypes

Warm forging for steering systems

The patented Bishop warm-forging process assures the ultra-precise forming of the toothing and a finished product that conforms exactly to the customer's specification. It can produce both variable and constant ratio tooth systems, and also the most diverse range of steering rack cross-sections, including D, U and V types. Neither quenched and tempered (QT) nor non-heat-treated steels present any processing problems. To assure its capability to series produce unique components, MVO relies on tooling, machines, measuring equipment and process-monitoring systems developed and built within the company itself.

1.5 1.5


parts can be produced each year using the new warm-forging cell.

Steering technology that boosts safety

Like all the GMH Gruppe companies, Metallverarbeitung Ostalb is noted not only for its autonomous development of innovative technologies including the new warm-forging cell; its process capabilities for major projects also form the basis for enduring and mutually trusting cooperation with automotive industry subsuppliers and vehicle manufacturers.

On automotive projects, it's by no means unusual for MVO's development experts to work for three years or more to perfect innovative technological solutions, assuring with their certified QM system and the experience of all involved that production schedules will be met with certainty. Every DTM car now enters each race with a steering system manufactured by the Ostalb-based automotive subsupplier, while drivers in the IndyCar series know they can depend on the engineering expertise and the special types produced at MVO.

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Pascal Arrigoni

Leitung Vertrieb der MVO GmbH Metallverarbeitung Ostalb / Sales Manager der MVO USA Inc.


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