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    Solutions in steel for sectors such as automotive, energy, mechanical/plant engineering, shipbuilding, aerospace, rail technology, construction, etc ▶ More now

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    The aerospace industry knows it can rely on all of our strengths, and above all on our high-precision development of technologies and materials. CRONIDUR®30 Our CRONIDUR®30 steel alloy, developed by Energietechnik Essen, has already proven its capabilities in the fuel pumps of US space shuttles. In tests, CRONIDUR®30 bearings survived more than forty start cycles and exceeded their anticipated fully lubricated service-life 80-fold. CRONIDUR®30's unique combination of outstanding properties also...

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    Versatile use of steel in the energy sector. Steel is the ideal material for a wide range of applications. We take advantage of this unique feature of steel to create value for companies active in the - fossil and renewable - energy sector. Development expertise Innovation is essential in the various sectors of the energy industry, and not only where renewable energy, climate protection and energy-efficiency are concerned. In close cooperation with our customers, the experts in our application...

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    3D printing: The future models for us

    Advantages over conventional methods 3D-printed products and components have long been much more than just another new trend in manufacturing. Annual market growth of a constant approx. 15%, depending on the particular sector, demonstrates that 3D printing is, instead, a now widely used, groundbreaking production process. By July 2019, one in every three industrial companies had analysed the potentials of 3D printing. The many benefits of this technology have enabled the major component...

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    World-beating innovations in steering technology

    High-tech steering racks set new precision standards Since 2012, GMH Gruppe company Metallverarbeitung Ostalb has been using the patented warm-forging process to produce top-grade components for automotive steering systems. A second, technologically even further refined warm-forging cell now permits new capacities, materials properties and high-precision fine adjustments. Automotive steering systems are safety-critical and thus demand maximum precision and dimensional accuracy....

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    Stahlwerk Bous: New filter installation

    State of the art – for our employees and the environment A truly groundbreaking, future-oriented investment - the new dust-extraction system at Stahlwerk Bous GmbH boosts steel production and protects the environment simultaneously. Not only is the exhaust air released by the steelworks now five times cleaner than required by the applicable environmental law - steel output from the Bous AC EAF (electric arc furnace) has also increased significantly since the installation of the new filter...

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    Find your expert personal contact at GMH Gruppe: ✓ our global contacts ✓ all group companies ✓ for any need and field of technology ▶ Enquire now Your partners at GMH Gruppe GMH Gruppe is active with a strong local presence on all international markets. This assures close contact with customers and a finger on the pulse of market trends and developments. GMH Gruppe uses the feedback it gains to generate individual solutions for its customers and to evolve innovative strategies, with the...

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    Who we are

    A passion for precision GMH Gruppe Steel is one of the most innovative materials of our time. It keeps the world moving – literally. Enterprises such as our own, similarly, can never stand still if they want to thrive on today’s fast-changing markets. As GMH Gruppe, we are creating synergies and taking our abilities and agility to a new level. We are visionaries, experts, and enablers. Most important of all, we are go-to providers of innovation and excellence in steel. And we are satisfied with...

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    What we do

    Because solutions are needed Our Strategy Steel is the absolutely top construction material, high-tech product and source of inspiration for many different industries. Combining all GMH Gruppe's powerful synergies, we develop it further - using innovation and flexibility - also with a view to the markets of tomorrow. In this way we find new solutions to challenges, from mobility via energy to mechanical engineering.

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    Steel castings

    We at GMG Gruppe provide our customers with perfect solutions in iron and steel casting – from the patterns all the way down to shipment of the castings - for their entire value chains. With our know-how and expertise concentrated at six locations in Germany, we meet even the most complex and specific customer requirements. Range of services and supplies When we speak of iron or steel casting, we have not only the series or one-off cast item in mind. Instead, we look at the whole production...