Steel bar

Steel bar

High-quality feed material is vital for the quality of the end product. For this purpose, GMH Gruppe supplies rolled steel bar that meets even the automotive sector's ultra-high safety standards.

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DIN EN 10079 defines steel bar as hot-formed bars which exhibit the same cross-section throughout their length. Within the GMH Gruppe, steel bar provides the basis for high-quality bright steel and, for our customers, a high-quality feed material for excellent end products: rotor and crankshafts, piston rods, pistons and wheel bearings, gear racks, differentials and components for e-mobility.

Production process

In our electric arc furnace (EAF) we produce more than 500 grades of steel from which high-precision rolling lines make steel bar with extreme tolerance accuracy. We precisely adjust the materials properties of the steel bar by means of heat treatment. We also deploy high-performance simulation systems and ultra-accurate analyses to ensure that our steel bar meets even the maximum demands made by motor-vehicle manufacturers and their subsuppliers.


Short routes, highly efficient processes: we supply our steel bar quickly, flexibly and reliably – produced with high accuracy and tailored individually to our customers' requirements. GMH Gruppe steel bar is also notable for its good surface quality, tight dimensional tolerances, optimum chemical composition and hardenability, and good micro- and macro-cleanness.

  • Flexible solutions
  • 100% resources recycling
  • Produced to ultra-tight dimensional tolerances

Our range

High-quality steels

There are generally fixed requirements for high-quality steels - concerning tensile strength, yield strength and formability, for example. Alloyed high-quality steels are usually not intended for quenching and tempering or for surface/case hardening. High-grade structural steels should be selected for these purposes. Typical applications: Structural steels, special sections for automotive and mechanical engineering, structural steel elements

Material No.NameDimensionsLength 
1.0038S255JR20-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.0301C1020-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.0401C1520-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.0570S355J220-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.9426SAE 102720-126mm3-10mRequest quotation

in acc. with DIN EN 10060

Quenched and tempered steels

Quenched and tempered steels are used for components exposed to high static and dynamic loads. Non-alloy QT steels are selected for more slender dimensions and lower requirements. We supply alloyed QT steels for thicker components and higher specifications. Typical applications: Steering knuckles, Bolts, Crankshafts, Piston rods, Rotor shafts, Turbine and generator shafts

Material No. NameDimensionsLength 
1.113320Mn520-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.1191C45E20-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.1206C50E20-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.123470MnVS4 / 75Mn420-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.509438MnS620-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.551135B220-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.553130MnB520-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.658030CrNiMo820-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.703837CrS420-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.718227MnCrB5-220-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.721325CrMoS420-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.722542CrMo420-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.722850CrMo420-126mm3-10mRequest quotation

in acc. with DIN EN 10060

Case-hardening steel (gear steel)

Case-hardening steels are used wherever a combination of different properties is needed. This is achieved via the use of steels with a relatively low carbon content. Case-hardening steels are ideal for use in gearing and gearwheel engineering. Typical applications: Gearing, Couplings/clutches, Shafts Gearwheels

Material No.NameDimensionsLength 
1.591915CrNi620-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.652320NiCrMo2-220-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.657120NiCrMoS6-420-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.658718CrNiMo7-620-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.701617Cr320-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.712120CrMnS3-320-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.713916MnCrS520-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.714720MnCr520-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.715127MnCrS520-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.716016MnCrB520-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.726420CrMo520-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.732320MoCrS420-126 mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.732525MoCr420-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.870820MnCrNiMo6-320-126mm3-10mRequest quotation

in acc. with DIN EN 10060

Ball and roller bearing steels

Ball and roller bearing steel has uniform high hardness, good wear properties and good cleanness. Ball and roller bearing steels are therefore used for their resistance to the high cyclical loads and high surface pressures to which rolling-element bearings are exposed during service. Typical applications: Ball bearings, Needle bearings, Roller bearings

Material No.NameDimensionsLength 
1.3505100Cr620-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.3520100CrMnSi6-420-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.3536100CrMo7-320-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.3537100CrMo7-320-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.3539100CrMnMoSi8-4-620-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.353318NiCrMo14-620-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.658718CrNiMo7-620-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.1219C56E220-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.124470Mn420-126mm3-10mRequest quotation

in acc. with DIN EN 10060

Micro-alloyed steels

Micro-alloyed precipitation-hardening ferritic-pearlitic (PHFP) steels are used in components in which the required mechanical properties are achieved by means of controlled cooling from the hot-forming temperature. High-cost heat treatment after hot forming can therefore be eliminated, reducing costs significantly. Typical applications: Pistons, Crankshafts, Piston rods

Material No.NameDimensionsLength 
1.0603C70S6 /C6720-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.119725MnV520-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.119949MnVS320-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.124370MnVS4 / 75Mn420-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.130446MnVS620-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.521720MnV620-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.523138MnSiVS520-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.523227MnSiVS620-126mm3-10mRequest quotation

in acc. with DIN EN 10060

Chain steel

Chain steels are non-alloyed high-quality steels or alloyed high-grade structural steels which, thanks to their high strain and weldability properties, are especially suitable for welded round-link chains. Non-alloyed chain steels are usually not heat treated. Alloyed steels are supplied soft or spheroidising annealed and are quenched and tempered after working. Typical applications: Mining chains, Offshore sector, Ship's chains

Material No.NameDimensionsLength 
1.0208RSt 35-220-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.046815Mn3 Al20-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.047021Mn4 Al20-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.049521Mn520-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.041227MnSi520-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.652220NiCrMo220-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.652720NiCrMo320-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.654123MnNiCrMo5-220-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.654023MnNiCrMo5-320-126mm3-10mRequest quotation
1.675823MnNiMoCr5-420-126mm3-10mRequest quotation

in acc. with DIN EN 10060

Are you looking for other materials, formats or lengths? Just contact us - together we'll find the right solution!

Heat treatment

  • Treated to hardness range (+TH)
  • Normalising annealed (+N)
  • Treated for sawability (SAW)
  • Treated for special microstructure (+FP)
  • Spheroidising annealed (+AC)
  • Treated for shearability (+S)
  • Quenched and tempered (water or air hardening) (+QT)
  • Soft annealed (+A)
  • Stress-relief annealed (+SR)

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